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What are the best coding classes for kids in India?

What is Programming? Programming is a collaboration between humans and machines, a way of instructing a machine to carry out a defined task. Coding is a subset of programming and is defined as the process of transforming the instructions into a written language that a computer can read and understand.

Today, programming is all around us. Our everyday convenience is based on apps that perform functions like delivering food, streaming videos, and others, that are enabled mainly by code. They make our daily life easy and save our time.

Thus, since coding is all-pervasive, coding for kids is no longer optional. It is no longer something that only very high-end school students get to learn. Today, there are so many coding classes for kids online that it has become challenging to choose the best for your kids.

No matter which one you choose, the following are some of the important criteria you need to look out for before choosing a class for your kid:

1. Experienced instructors: 

Coding is definitely not easy to learn, even for adults. However, with the right instructors, it can become fairly easy. Nowadays, it is not difficult to find a coding class for your child. You just need to look up the internet and you will get multiple options. Most of them offer a free trial for everyone. But is it that easy to find the best coding class for your child? How do you know whether they have the right teacher, who has the right knowledge and experience? Unlike offline classes, you may never know the full background of that teacher. So it is important that you do a background check using reviews for the company. You can also ask customer support to give you the CV of the teacher before scheduling a class. Further, you can be present with your child when they attend the trial class.

2. Project-based learning:

To be a coding expert, one needs to know how to solve a problem using coding. Simply learning theory does not help much. Therefore the more projects your child does the more your child will learn. While selecting the coding for kids class you must check if the coding curriculum has a fair number of projects. Most classes offer a free trial that can allow you to get a fair idea of what the program will be like.

LEAD’s Coding and Computational Skills (CCS) program makes your children future-ready with India’s first coding program designed for school computer labs. Projects in the CCS program integrate computers with real-life concepts. For example, a Grade 3 student builds a game on Scratch Jr., a Grade 6 student builds visualisation that proves Pythagoras theorem using Python.

3. Feedback mechanism: 

Coding is a logic-based subject, that builds on foundational concepts. If your child doesn’t understand any concept, it will become increasingly difficult for them to understand the advanced concepts. It is like math, where most concepts are interrelated. Regular feedback is a must to ensure that your child is on the right track. You must check if the coding for kids classes have a feedback system so that you can regularly monitor your child’s progress. Also having meetings with the teachers will be beneficial to understand your child’s pain points so that they can improve.

LEAD’s Coding and Computational Skills program is based on the

Use-Think-Build Methodology

After completing all levels of the program, students will be skilled in the 21st-century computer skills that include:

  • Coding mobile apps and computer games
  • Designing websites and multimedia content
  • Analysing data using visualisations & statistical tools

and much more.

Coding is a skill that will take your child far in life in various fields which may or may not be directly related to computer science. You must ensure that you give them the best opportunities to build their foundation by finding the best coding classes for them.

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