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Bid adieu to boredom with 5 classroom management techniques

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Managing a class has always been a tedious task for teachers. Conducting a class where teachers have total students’ attention remains a distant dream for many. In the current situation, when classes have shifted online and the presence of teachers is missing, maintaining decorum and ensuring quality learning has become trickier. The add-on challenges of online learningno structure and a haphazard curriculum don’t make it easier for teachers.

World Bank reckons that the Covid-19 pandemic has deepened the learning crisis and has challenged the education system. It says, “Education systems, more than ever, require effective teachers that facilitate and support learning instead of delivering content; that use a combination of in-person and digital methods to deliver lessons; that foster creative thinking, communication, and collaboration; and that instil a love of learning, how to persevere, and have self-control.”  

Tips for teachers to bring efficiency in class

Sometimes having the right strategy to conduct a class is not enough. Here are a few classroom management techniques that teachers can deploy irrespective of online or offline classes. These tips keep students in check and promote better learning:

  • Promote ideal behaviour

Modelling behaviour that you want to see in your students go a long way. Using polite language, maintaining eye contact, not interrupting your students while speaking, and being respectful to them are a few essential traits that must be exhibited in class every day for your students to learn. Remember, they learn what they see. You can carve them into responsible citizens just by demonstrating a few ideal traits.

  • Encourage initiative

Promote a growth mindset— This keeps students engrossed, and they always look forward to taking more initiatives. This helps in building positive attributes in children. Taking the initiative helps lead students towards a purposeful direction. Taking initiatives is considered to be an essential aspect of positive youth development.

  • Praise your students often

Praising students for a job well done improves academic and behavioural performance. It increases a students’ self-esteem and reinforces the values teachers want to see in their child. Praising your students’ specific ways go a long way in ensuring he or she continues to use these tactics.  When you praise a student, other students get inspired to do better.

  • Make class engaging

Bored students are troublemakers. When you deploy effective lesson plans in your class, students do not get distracted. They participate in class and help to maintain decorum. Teachers can have a well-thought-of curriculum in place via various activities and sometimes make students do things out of their curriculum. If the lesson is not planned well, there is often too much talking and distraction.

  • Promote group projects

When students work in a group, they learn better, and their attention is directed to healthy learning. This brings students together, and they develop respect for each other. Teamwork helps nurture leadership skills and make them more responsible. Collaboration also teaches cooperation and empathy.

Having robust classroom management techniques remains consequential in conducting a meaningful and efficient class, especially in the troubled modern-day world. The best teachers believe in their students’ potential to learn and deploy various pedagogical approaches to ensure meaningful learning that’s result-oriented.

How can LEAD help teachers conduct efficient classes?

Classroom management techniques

All teachers are taught effective classroom management techniques at LEAD-powered schools. In the LEAD system, the teacher app is the main anchor for teaching that contains high-quality lesson plans for better comprehension. Each lesson has videos, slides, images and digital copies of books and workbooks, ensuring quality teaching vs using a printed teacher manual.

At LEAD, teachers will teach via videos and slides. They will devise various activities to make the curriculum engaging and exciting, making an overall class atmosphere appropriate for learning. Teachers explain the concepts to students through activity or a video, followed by group practice in small groups. When students are devoted to activities, getting involved in mischief rarely crosses their mind.

LEAD also offers Teacher Development Workshops to help teachers conduct effective classes. It aims to brush their skills, nurture their inbuilt talent, and train them to implement novel ways to conduct efficient classes.

LEAD is transforming schools by making children future-ready. To make yours a LEAD Powered School: Partner with us today

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