Building a culture of respect and harmony during school online classes

School online classes were implemented around the world to keep the education sector afloat. Though a temporary relief, in the beginning, it has now become a new normal.  Online learning, though a saviour, created chaos that was not conducive for learning. Students mostly are distracted, which hampers their learning leading to poor results. Teachers were not well equipped to take online classes. Their skills were not enough to engage students in online lectures.

School online classes are not as easy as everyone thought. With it comes multiple challenges that might defeat the entire purpose of online classes—uninterrupted learning.

How do trained teachers take better classes?

When a teacher is proficient at taking online classes, they can regulate student behaviour in multiple ways. For example, they can make a class engaging which doesn’t give time to students to indulge in any nuisance. In addition, a trained teacher maintains harmony in the class by deploying various learning methods that go beyond learning from textbooks. As a result, schools in India are transforming education by taking a new approach to learning, an integrated academic system. That enables quality learning and helps teachers with various means by which they can keep the class engaged. However, making online classes conducive to learning is one of the biggest challenges teachers have at hand.

Teachers, like all other professions, need constant upskilling, especially during the ongoing times. Lives have been upended, and education will never be the same; schools must invest in teacher upskilling to keep up with the pace.

How is LEAD helping teachers become the best in the business?

LEAD understands the need for simplified teaching amidst the ongoing crisis. Keeping that in mind, every teacher in a LEAD classroom is given a fully loaded tablet containing 100% ready-made lesson plans across all topics, worksheets, homework plans, and assessments.

transforming education

Teacher Mobile App by LEAD simplifies everyday tasks via a dedicated app. This App acts as an anchor and helps reduce the administrative burden faced by teachers. The App was designed by LEAD to be a one-stop platform for teachers to view LEAD [email protected], i.e. online classes, for preparation and have the tools to help them conduct seamless online and offline classes. When teachers are less burdened with administrative roles, they have more time to make their lectures effective. With the Teacher Mobile App (TMA), teachers also get excellent training material, attendance and progress trackers, class schedules and important notifications, all in one place. Most importantly, they also get to conduct and evaluate assessments in just a few clicks using this App.

A motivated teacher is a better teacher, and so the first step in addressing these issues is identifying the key factors that help teachers stay motivated. These include the possibility of steady and continuous growth in skills and working towards their constant learning, innovation, and improvement. LEAD Academy has been specially designed to encompass the entire training and development module for teachers and school leaders to ensure excellent student learning. It is broadly comprised of:

  • 3 years certification program for teachers and leaders
  • Teacher development workshops
  • Online training through webinars

The way LEAD has been transforming education across Indian schools remains phenomenal. Teachers get extensive training to take seamless online classes leaving students more engaged, propelling a conducive learning atmosphere.

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Building a culture of respect and harmony during school online classes

School online classes were implemented around the world to keep the education sector afloat. Though a temporary relief, in the beginning,

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