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Future of virtual education in India. Key observations.

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A few years ago, if someone would have mentioned that the school module will shift online and would adopt a hybrid model, I would have scoffed and moved on. But today, the world we live in is highly uncertain, and the situation is fragile. The deadly virus lurks around everywhere, waiting to attack anyone who dares to pass, making the ‘hybrid’ model a reality!

Parents worry about their kids’ education, but at the same time, they are aware of the severe repercussions of sending them to school. In the absence of a reliable vaccine, this fear will prevail.

As the conventional school boundaries remain shut, virtual classrooms took over. Parents got a respite, and the school management heaved a sigh a relief. Virtual classroom for schools is perhaps the beginning of a new dawn in the education space.

To attain continuity in education without any hindrance, a lot of schools progressed towards better options and looked beyond ‘online classes’. Integrated school management system surfaced abating the distress among the school stakeholders. Schools that were concerned about the performance of children; their well-being in such testing times and wanted to ensure quality learning with adequately trained teachers, turned towards the integrated school management system.

The future. What is next for the education sector?

Virtual educationGone are the days when attending school meant sitting within the four walls of the classroom and relying on teachers for every aspect of learning. The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the entire education system to think out of the box. They have come to realise that in these challenging times, life must go on, and so must the child’s education. Facilitating unhindered education, the school management system proved to be more than just a breather.

Online education did bring relief, but it left the entire system confused, and the goals of students and school management suffered. School integrated system fixes the loopholes of online education, streamlines its functioning, and lets a school run smoothly across the board.

Whether it’s about streamlining administrative tasks or assisting students to achieve excellent grades, the integrated school system helps to shed the redundant ways of the education patterns and aids in boosting the growth of every student through quality learning. There are various aspects of a school integrated management system that enable varied requirements of every stakeholder. In fact, with the help of the school integrated system, schools can now function online, offline, or in hybrid mode. Going forward, a school that follows a hybrid model where it can switch between various modes according to the requirement will flourish!

In a traditional set-up, students have relied on teachers. However, the advent of the school integrated system has changed this, forever! Students are now self-reliant, know their learning gaps, connect with the teachers better than before and hence score better. 

The absence of a parent-teacher meeting has also been taken care of by the school integrated system where parents can track the real-time performance of their children, can see their learning gaps, and help them fix that.

Let’s look at a few aspects that make a school integrated system a ‘blessing’.

  • Enhanced productivity
  • Better school results
  • Trained teachers
  • Guaranteed result
  • Crisp curriculum 
  • Engaged students 
  • Self-reliant students 
  • Participating parents 

Virtual classrooms for school is a ‘reality’. Owing to the ongoing circumstances, it is not just important but imperative for schools to look for ways that will help them not only to stay afloat but also assist them in achieving exceptional results. School integrated systems make every classroom ‘smart’ and every stakeholder gets empowered in the absence of the conventional four-walled classroom.

How is LEAD School making virtual education seamless?

Dozens of studies that emerge every day explaining the fate of the education system in a new world created unrest among parents and school management. They remained sceptical about the future of their children, the reliability of online learning, and rightly so. When the entire world was busy in just facilitating online education, LEAD School was preparing the young generation with quality learning through Digital Learning Content, Physical Reader & Workbooks, Learning activities, E-books, Regular assessments & Practices quizzes, Personalised revisions, Home practice, Live Classes from a LEAD expert teacher, Doubt clarification, and National competitions.

LEAD School has also simplified various school processes such as fee payment, managing schools in times of crisis, keeping a record of students and teachers, juggling between various departments, ensuring quality learning, trained teachers, engaged parents, better ROI, better results, etc.

In a traditional system, students rely on books for their learning and teachers to take that learning ahead. But in the LEAD School system, students get to learn vis three modes of teaching that enhance their learning and make them self-reliant: 

  • Through videos and slides that teachers show from her teacher app
  • Through activities using material from the School Excellence Kit
  • And through books and workbooks they get from the LEAD School

All these aspects have been delicately taken care of by the LEAD School that too with a single click. It has made every stakeholder happy and content. 

LEAD is transforming schools by making children future-ready. To make yours a LEAD powered school: Partner with us today

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