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How online schooling improves student performance and teaching quality

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For decades, online schooling has been envisaged as an added marketing tool to attract students and parents than an opportunity to enhance academic delivery. Also, the Indian Education System has been averse to adapting technology and has felt comfortable inside the four walls of a classroom. Hybrid learning was a less-heard word and ‘Education’, a low experiment sector. 

But earlier this year, a calamity broke loose on the planet that forced rigid businesses including education to evolve, making technology a necessity overnight. In the beginning, this shift was considered as a temporary alternate but as the crisis snowballed, school management around the world got certain that online schooling is going to stay for long, perhaps longer than they calculated. In the absence of a reliable vaccine, parents will avoid sending their kids to schools.

As schools shift online, management, and parents both realised the relevance and efficiency of online schooling- it was much more than a respite. They realised technology is not only a way to survive but if put strategically can be used to make a school thrive.

Is online schooling a breakthrough the sector needed? 

Keeping in mind multiple school operations, its processes, and functions, a lot of schools opted for a seamless integrated academic platform. Quelling the urgency of quality in school administration and learning, the School Management System accompanied by the Learning Management System proved to be a breakthrough.

All the misconceptions about online schooling or technology shed as soon as schools deployed this smart way of learning.

Online schooling

Online schooling was never this efficient, result-oriented, or engaging. Where parents’ involvement in their wards’ academic surged, students’ engagement factor soared too. Online learning has facilitated this with its seamless integrated system which is a culmination of quality resources and materials required to enhance learning. Schools witnessed phenomenal results and record admission numbers.

Delivering high-quality learning will continue to be one of the top parental expectations from schools during these frequent interruptions. With the limited income that parents receive, they will choose to send their children to schools that are innovative and can adapt to challenges. Therefore, schools need to make choices that will ensure that student learning is given high priority.

Also various quality integrated academic systems provide teacher training courses that enable teachers to provide seamless education to students. These courses not only help teachers to enhance their teaching patterns but also equip them with the requisite skills to empower them to assist students with the challenges of online learning. This encompasses easing their learning pattern and helping them deal with stress. Nowhere in a traditional classroom space a teacher got trained to deal with these two important factors. According to Eric Falt, UNESCO New Delhi Director, “The pandemic is causing significant psychological impact worldwide. For children who were already dealing with mental health issues before, this sort of disruption can lead to even more difficulty in the path to a good education.”

Online schooling. Better Learning. Enhanced Results. A survey showing how online schooling is here to stay.

In a recent survey conducted by the, 60% of the parents felt that online learning was equally or more effective when compared to traditional in-class schooling and many of the total respondents also said that online and offline learning should go hand-in-hand as we approach the new normal. The number of parents who were concerned about their child’s education was almost the same as those worried about their safety during and post COVID-19. This unique situation presents an opportunity for schools across India to encourage online learning and jump on the bandwagon. 

Even after schools reopen, an integrated online-offline method will help students learn better and avoid any loss of learning due to unforeseeable disruptions. More than half of the parents felt that online learning must continue even after schools reopen. Digital learning has many advantages and this can be leveraged to provide students an excellent learning experience. Smartphones and internet penetration has significantly improved over the last five years in tier-3 and tier-4 towns as well. This is a great opportunity for Edu-tech companies to provide children of all ages with revolutionary learning solutions.

LEAD School and quality learning go hand-in-hand. 

LEAD School’s online integrated management solution aims to make India a global knowledge hub. Ever since the need for online schooling became a necessity, parents don’t want to compromise with the quality of learning rendered via the virtual platform. LEAD School brings stimulating features of imparting education with Digital Learning Content, Physical Reader & Workbooks, Learning activities, E-books, Regular assessments & Practices quizzes, National competitions, make the learning process interesting.

LEAD School has its distinct ways to teach students:


The unique theme-based integrated pre-primary curriculum enables students to read and write complete sentences in English by the end of the year. Under numeracy, they could successfully quantify things and do simple addition and multiplication.

  • MATH

Instead of making this subject boring, the unique Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approach ensures that each student loves Math by finding solutions by relating the problems with their daily lives. Maths is no more a nightmare!

  • EVS

With experiential learning in EVS, students develop a strong foundation and an in-depth understanding of scientific concepts. They are encouraged to apply their knowledge outside classrooms too.

  • ELGA

Students started with a skill gap of 2.7 years. In just one year, our students, across schools, have grown by 1.8 years in their English language skills making it the growth of 1750%.

LEAD School makes sure the future generation not just are ‘literate’ but proficient. At LEAD School: Holistic learning experience for your child is ensured via:

  • Digital learning content
  • Physical Reader & Workbooks
  • Learning activities
  • E-books
  • Regular assessments & Practices quizzes
  • Personalised revisions
  • Home practice
  • Live classes from a LEAD expert teacher
  • Doubt clarification
  • National competitions

LEAD is transforming schools by making children future-ready. To make yours a LEAD powered school: Partner with us today

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