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Assessment Tools for Teachers

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How do you know your students are learning what you are trying to teach them? Exams, assessments, quizzes are a few aspects of instruction that determine whether or not the goals of education are being met. School assessments play a critical role in deciding where a student stands and helps teachers identify the gaps in the students learning curve. 

But setting assessments has been extremely challenging for teachers. Traditional schooling and its non-efficient ways have always made assessments look like a herculean task and rightly so. In a conventional structure, assessment has been made unnecessarily complicated where a teacher has to follow the tedious protocol of preparing the questionnaire, administering them, assessing them, and finally making a report. In the absence of a definite structure, teachers struggled with making robust assessments.

How teachers struggled more during the lockdown…

The lockdown has been challenging for everyone, especially for the education sector where the entire system went through a metamorphosis overnight.

Classes shifted online, and teachers had to get their heads around the know-hows of online classes quickly. Though online classes proved to be a relief, as the lockdown extended, schools struggled to keep their academic calendar seamless. Not just that, teachers were not well-equipped to deploy their proficiencies online. They were neither prepared/trained to conduct online classes nor were they equipped to handle aspects related to it, such as conducting online exams and assessments, making a class engaging, etc.

One of the prime tasks that became an ordeal for teachers after the school closures were conducting assessments. In the absence of a set structure, teachers either failed to make assessments on time or had a hard time setting it.

According to a study by Harvard, “If our repertoire of assessment strategies is not helping us to better support the needs of our students, it is distracting from the goal of teaching and learning.”

These circumstances paved the way for smart schools. Smart schools streamline school operations with the help of an integrated academic system and automate functions such as attendance, conducting assessments, etc.

How did LEAD School make setting assessments a breeze?

LEAD School has identified the loopholes of the online classes and addressed each of them with its integrated academic system.

At LEAD School, Teacher Led Assessments have made conducting exams and assessments easier, and teachers can navigate through various functions flawlessly.

Teacher Led Assessment on the Teachers Mobile app, help create an assessment in the ‘My Assessments’ Section, and on the Assessment listing page, teachers can view assessments that are in the Draft, Scheduled, or Sent to students.  

Once the assessments are sent to students, teachers can track their status. She can see if the student has started the assessment, is doing it, or has completed it. Keeping track of every student’s assessment used to be a nightmare for teachers. With LEAD School’s Teacher-Led Assessment, teachers don’t have to spend a lot of time checking and entering marks. This is auto done by the system wherever possible. Teachers can view:

  • Aggregate for the class
  • Number of the students who completed the assessment
  • Questions most students were able to answer correctly 
  • Questions least students were able to answer correctly

With a click, student-wise scores, a list of students with their status (Not started, Ongoing, Completed), and obtained marks are also shown. Lastly, clicking on the individual student will show his/her responses along with the indication of right or and wrong answers.

Right from making assessments to conducting them has become a breeze for teachers. They don’t have to spend hours juggling between classes, students, and their various subjects. Everything can now be attained with a click and an easy interface lickety-spit.

The Assessments at LEAD School are designed strategically to enhance quality learning.

Assessments at LEAD School help students cover their learning gaps before progressing to the next unit. Every unit has a unit-end assessment. These might be written, oral, or both.  There are three big exams, the beginning of year assessment (BOY)- in the first year of partnership, all students in SKG and above undertake BOY for ELGA and maths; the middle of the year assessment (MOY) is done after the completion of 4 units and the end of year assessment (EOY) is done after the completion of all units in a year. 

LEAD is transforming schools by making children future-ready. To make yours a LEAD powered school: Partner with us today

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