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How school admission management systems ease operations

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The academic institutes’ administrative bodies are facing tremendous pressure to manage and arrange the admission process manually with the increasing numbers of admission seekers. It is complex to manage the admission process accurately and on time. Hence, the need for school admission management systems is foreseeable. 

The school management systems automate the operation and functionality of the academic institute’s admission structure. It is a faster, transparent, and easier way to manage the admission process.

But, why are they needed?

Everyone needs feasibility, especially today. Let’s look at some of the key differences between the existing manual system in schools and school admission management systems. These reasons are enough for school owners to mull over their present choices.  

Existing Manual System

School Admission Management System

A lot of paperwork, filing, and storage is required.

With the help of software, the data is stored and filed with ease in the computer database.

It consumes a fair amount of human resources and is uneconomical and inaccurate.

The school admission management software makes storing data fast, consumes less time and workforce, and is economical and accurate.

Consumes a lot of time and effort while retrieving information.

Within a few clicks, the information can be retrieved.

In the manual system, admission procedure management, admission form collection, listing, and admitting students is a lengthy process.

With the help of a single data entry in the centralized database, admission procedure management, admission form collection, listing, and admitting students is done.

Features of School Admission Management Systems:

school admission management systemsThe school admission management software is developed to automate, streamline, and simplify the admission and enrolment procedure. These systems are designed with highly secured cloud-based software, can be accessed anytime from anywhere, and are compatible with both web and mobile phones.

The online admission management systems can be accessed in three models; administrator, applicants, and the system.

To maximise the educational institution’s efficiency and productivity, as an administrator, you can seamlessly set the student enrollment and online admission benchmark.

The hassles of a student’s admission journey to their desired college, school, or university can be simplified using these online admission management systems.

By eliminating the long queues and paperwork and managing online admissions with student engagement at each admission step, the system empowers the academic institutes.

Let us have a look at some special features of the school admission management system:

  • Safe and secure online fee payment and collection provision
  • Can generate the selection and merit lists in a single click
  • Can set up criteria category wise and calculate registration fees accordingly
  • Is fully configurable
  • Has the ability to calculate based on the reservation of seats as per Government of India norms
  • Can perform multiple registrations at a time and can handle multiple connections as well
Advantages of school admission management system:
  • Manpower Saving:

No additional security will be required at schools to manage huge crowds.

  • Reduces Paperwork:

Since the work processes will be digitally cloud-based, paperwork is minimised significantly.

  • Only Eligible Candidates Can Apply:

Student data is filtered through the admission eligibility criteria so that only eligible candidates can apply; the candidate data is to be entered only once.

  • Enhance Productivity:

Since all the work will be managed online, institutes can utilise their human resources for other activities.

  • Works 24 x 7:

There is no time barrier; can be used anytime from anywhere. Schools can publish merit lists a lot earlier compared to the manual way.

  • Avoids Hectic Submission Process:

Allows students to fill in the application form at their convenience.

  • No Geographical Boundary:

Schools don’t have to post the application form for outstation candidates. Candidates can fill the application form from anywhere at their convenience.

  • No Long Queues:

Candidates don’t need to stand in long queues to get their queries answered, to get an application form; they can directly submit an online application.

  • Accurate and Reliable:

Due to reduced human errors, the process is very accurate and reliable.

  • Dynamic and User-Friendly:

The entire process is very dynamic; changes are reflected in real-time, is simple and user friendly.

  • Real-Time Reports:

The ongoing process can be monitored to generate real-time analytics related to student admissions, payment history, final student list, etc., via the ERP system.


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school admission management systems

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About the author

Manasa is a Branding and Communication Manager at LEAD. She is an Asian College of Journalism alumnus and a former Teach for India Fellow. Manasa has also completed her MBA in marketing from Deakin University. She strongly believes that education has the power to shake the world and is excited to be a part of LEAD’s transformational journey.

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