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Integrated learning systems help teachers focus on teaching

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With waves of COVID-19 pandemic closing down offline schools, schools are now searching for permanent solutions to ensure student learning continues even during current as well as any future lockdowns. The solution for such schools is implementing Integrated Learning Systems. Integrated learning systems are software systems that enable schools both in delivering educational content in online mode as well as implementing all the management functions of the schools. So how do integrated learning systems help teachers? In this blog, we will discuss how integrated learning systems help teachers in the online mode of teaching.

1. Worry less about lesson plans, and instead focus on classroom execution

All integrated learning systems are equipped with detailed lesson plans for each class and each subject. This saves the stress and time involved in planning. So teachers can focus more on how best they can teach the concepts planned for that lecture.

2. Students who need help are automatically identified

Often teachers keep asking students if they have any doubts or if they need help in a particular topic. Usually, students are either shy or do not realize they need help with some topic. Many times students feel that they will “manage” somehow. With an integrated learning system, teachers can track the performance of their students on every single topic and subtopic. Integrated learning systems are typically built with robust assessment mechanisms and report generating tools that inform the teachers about the learning outcomes of each and every concept taught. For example, if a history teacher is teaching the lives and times of Emperor Ashoka, the reports that are generated for subsequent quizzes help them understand in detail how the class has grasped the ideas. These reports are customizable and the teacher can see the performance of the whole class as well as that of an individual student. The teacher can apply filters like “select the students scoring less than 50%” and can generate a list of students for whom remedial can be planned in time.

3. No stress of following up for homework and assignments

Usually, teachers spend a lot of time preparing homework and assignments and thereafter following up with students for submissions. With integrated learning systems, teachers have a variety of ready-made high homework options like multiple-choice questions (MCQs), match the following, crosswords, etc, which are fun and test kids in multiple ways. They can send homework and assignments to all students with one single click. In case the student forgets about the homework, then the integrated learning system will remind the student with multiple notifications. Teachers also get to know in real-time about who has completed their homework who hasn’t and reminders can be triggered accordingly. In addition to these features, a well-integrated learning system also helps students correct the homework. Formats such as MCQs, match the column, etc. can easily be graded by the system, freeing up valuable teacher time.

In short, integrated learning systems are a boon for teachers in general and with lockdowns being the norm of the day, schools must invest wisely in learning management systems.

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