Monitor and enhance your teachers’ performance using tech: find out how

Gone are the days when teachers taught using the same pattern year after year. The school administration had little to no say in the teaching methods or quality since there was no way to monitor them. There was not much awareness among the parents either. But the times have changed. Parents are more aware of providing the best quality education to their children, and schools must be at par with the best education standards across the country or internationally. Therefore the teachers need to upskill themselves, including timely feedback from students, their parents, and school management. The school should also proactively provide continuous development and training opportunities to enhance their teachers’ performance.

Let’s find out how the school management system can help monitor and enhance teachers’ performance using technology.

1. Integrated school technologies allow monitoring teacher performance

Managing a school is not easy. School owners have to take care of things like getting new admissions, collecting fees, communicating with different stakeholders, and, more importantly, monitoring the teachers’ and students’ performance. School owners need efficient ways to monitor teacher performance to enhance the quality of education at their schools. Integrated school technologies can help collect feedback from parents and teachers on the school software itself, making data collection and processing easy and transparent.

With the LEAD School Owner App, you can check student/teacher performance, school admissions, and much more using just a few clicks. School owners can publish announcements, or even engage with their students and teachers/ They can also view detailed reports of students’ and teachers’ performance; and access and navigate between various school functions.

2. Ready-made resources save time in planning

The pandemic has disrupted the entire schooling pattern, and online learning has brought new challenges for teachers. Traditionally, teachers used books as their sole reference, and it would be sufficient. Nowadays teachers have to create new materials which are audio-visual and suitable for online teaching and engaging students. They need proper training in order to equip themselves with the latest technology and tools.

LEAD provides the best school management system so that the teachers can engage better with students and deliver quality education through the ‘Teacher App’ that has detailed lesson plans and audio-visual resources. With LEAD’s integrated learning management system, teachers are equipped with seamless technology that enhances their teaching standards and methods.

3. Saves time in manual tasks so they can focus on teaching

Although we don’t realize it often, teachers do have a lot of work to do apart from teaching. For example, creating tests and assessing students. However, this doesn’t have to be time-consuming if done using an efficient and integrated school management software. This can save a lot of time for the teachers so that they can focus on teaching and enhancing their performance.

At LEAD Powered Schools, Teacher-Led Assessments have made conducting exams and assessments easier, and teachers can easily navigate through various functions. Student-wise scores, a list of students with their status (Not started, Ongoing, Completed), and obtained marks are also shown with just one click. And clicking on the individual student will show his/her responses along with the indication of right or wrong answers.

4. Professional training is easy and accessible at all times

Since the entire schooling pattern changed during the pandemic, teachers had a tough time transitioning from traditional classrooms to online teaching. The shift was quite challenging as teachers had to quickly equip themselves with the technology needed to run online classes. This could’ve been a major disruptor however, school management systems proved to be a lifesaver for teachers and schools likewise.

LEAD’s integrated school management system helps teachers easily impart effective lesson plans with the help of Digital Learning Content, Physical Reader & Workbooks, Learning activities, E-books, Regular assessments & Practices quizzes, Personalised revisions, Home practice, live classes from a LEAD expert teacher, and National competitions. Furthermore, the LEAD Certification Programme for Teachers enables them to strengthen their abilities.

Technology has proved to be beneficial in many ways for monitoring and enhancing teachers’ performance as online classes are becoming the norm. It has made the best quality education truly accessible to all.

At LEAD, we are on a mission to transform the education sector and empower teachers and schools using the best school management software.

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About the author

Anuj Kumar Jha, a Faculty of Management Studies (Delhi) alumnus, is the Program Manager at LEAD. Previously, he has worked with Ex-Ola and Ex-Mu Sigma. Anuj has graduated from HBTI, Kanpur. Knowing the power of education, he believes in LEAD's mission to transform learning in Affordable Private Schools in India.

Anuj Kumar Jha

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