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Best online teacher training course in India

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Teachers are, without a doubt, the most important contributors to the development of our society. They provide children with a purpose in life, prepare them for success and motivate them to do well and excel in life. The best teachers have the power to make a positive difference in the lives of their students.

Teacher training course is critical in ensuring that teachers have the necessary skills to manage a classroom and pupils. Online teacher training courses aim to give intensive professional and personal training to teachers in the most efficient manner possible. If you are thinking of becoming a teacher, here are some of India’s best online teacher training courses.

Course#1: Diploma in Nursery Teachers Training

  • All India Teacher Training Academy (AITTA) is well-known all over India for its teacher training courses. They offer a Diploma in Online Teachers Training course at an affordable price. The diploma program will be immensely advantageous to anyone interested in pursuing a career as a nursery teacher.

Main Features & Benefits
Flexible course that may be completed from anywhere in the world
The course assists nursery teachers in learning teaching strategies through play and experiments.
Simple payment choices in installments and scholarships available for meritorious students.
Certification from AITTA

  • INTESOL, a global training organization offers online teacher training courses for aspiring teachers. The Diploma in Nursery Teacher Education is a specialized course for pre-primary teachers.

Main Features & Benefits
The course follows Montessori methods in teaching.
The course prepares teachers for teaching at the pre-primary level.
It allows teachers to plan meaningful learning activities for pre-schoolers.

Course#2: Certificate in Nursery Teachers Training

  • Asian College of Teachers is well known for its online teacher training course. Certificate in Nursery Teacher Training is a well-designed course to understand nursery teaching methodology.

Main Features & Benefits
This course prepares teachers to teach at the nursery level effectively
The course introduces you to the most up-to-date teaching methods
Along with Certificate courses, a variety of specializations are available
Phase-wise course material & teaching assignments & placement assistance
Globally recognized certificate and global-wide job opportunities.

  • All India Teachers Training Academy (AITTA) & INTESOL also offers certification courses in Nursery Teachers Training. This Online teacher training course offers the flexibility of distance learning with the option to begin whenever you choose.

Main Features & Benefits
Serves as a foundation for Formal education
The course is focused more on a practical approach
It assists teachers in strengthening the nursery teaching techniques, ideas, and approaches

Course#3: Certificate in Pre and Primary Teacher Training Courses

  • INTESOL offers certification in Pre & Primary teacher training courses with the aim of training early childhood educators. This online teacher training course covers the fundamentals of early childhood teaching approaches and practices.

Main Features &Benefits
Features complete knowledge about Pre-Primary & Montessori teaching
Globally recognized certificate will be provided

  • Asian College of Teachers also offers an online teacher training course for those considering a teaching career in pre and primary schools.

Main Features & Benefits
Lesson planning and teaching practices are the emphases of this course.
The training covers all disciplines at the pre-primary levels, with children in age up to twelve years old.

Course#4: Other online Teacher Training Courses

  • Coursera (Foundations of Teaching for Learning: Being a Teacher) – This course is for anybody who teaches or wants to teach in any subject and in any setting – whether at school, at home, or at work. This course gives you the chance to reflect on your own personal and professional growth as a teacher.
  • Udemy – Online Teacher Training Courses – No matter what subject you want to teach, this platform will have a course to help you become more proficient.

Final Words

As a teacher you can win a student’s confidence and help them study more effectively with sufficient teacher training and the implementation of correct methods. The above mentioned online teacher training courses will provide excellent guidance from first-rate trainers at a cost-effective price.

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About the author

Nitin Virmani is a Senior Manager of Growth Marketing at LEAD. As a mass communication graduate and IIM-R alumnus, he is a seasoned Digital Marketer. He has worked in EdTech, media & entertainment, automotive & hospitality industry. With his skillset in strategy and digital media planning, he is passionate about bringing scalable innovative solutions directly to customers.

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