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Digitise functions, customise needs with school management ERP

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In 2020, the education sector saw the biggest disruption in its history and witnessed catastrophic losses. This resulted in the reinstatement of the sector’s faith in technology. Considered as an unnecessary investment, it overnight became a necessity. The need to customise and digitise school functions became the utmost priority for the stakeholders to avoid any further disruption.

Technology- The need

School management ERP was adopted by schools in large numbers to keep the functions smooth. Since schools have been closed indefinitely, a reliable structure that enhances the quality of learning and takes care of daily school functions is needed.

According to MarketsandMarkets, “The global education ERP market size is projected to grow from USD 12.7 billion in 2021 to USD 25.2 billion by 2026, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 14.7% during the forecast period.”

The above-stated numbers show the undying need for technology-enabled ERP in the sector. School management ERP supports various school functions with great ease. It:

  • Increases the school productivity by enhancing accuracy and making everything available with a single click.
  • Helps to bridge the communication gap that has been created between teachers and parents post lockdown.
  • School owners do not have to be at a particular location to know what is happening at their school. They can access any vital detail from anywhere, anytime.
  • Reduces the workload of administration and teachers substantially. Teachers can now focus on teaching as attendance; assessments can be managed seamlessly with ERP. Administrators can manage the functions in a better way as everything is just a click away. Error-prone tasks can also be taken care of smoothly.

Technology such as the school ERP system has been a breakthrough in the sector. This system has allowed schools to function without disrupting and preparing them to withstand any future crisis. In the current times, it is consequential for schools to buckle up and prepare themselves not just for the present but for the future too. Therefore, let 2020 be a learning for all and 21-22 be an excellent academic year

How is LEAD’s ERP creating ripples in the education market?

LEAD empowers every stakeholder and ensures guaranteed results for them and is much more than just an ERP software. Although an ERP does not do anything more than managing the administration task, LEAD streamlines administration processes and revolutionises the student’s learning journey. Principals get timely analysis of every class with the guaranteed result. School owners can switch between online and offline mode when needed, ensuring undisrupted functioning.  Under its school configuration setting, Nucleus- LEAD School Academic System makes switching between the various school modes, such as online/offline/both possible. School administration can also decide on days they want to teach, add new subjects or topics and allocate teachers. The administration can also connect the school YouTube channel to the Nucleus to directly upload the learning material. LEAD’s ERP system allows school owners to get a tech-enabled school with real-time operations tracking, etc.

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At LEAD, teachers get a teacher tablet that is loaded with lesson plans, audio-visual resources, and training resources. In addition, the Excellence Managers at LEAD coach and guide teachers throughout the year to develop their skills and upgrade themselves.

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