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Best School Management Software & System in India 2023

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Not very long ago, schools used to operate manually where parents had to stand in long queues to pay the fees, and teachers took attendance calling out the roll numbers. Such tasks were tiring, time-consuming, and were prone to errors. All school administrative tasks formerly involved manual management that led to less productivity of school staff. 

However, as schools keep growing into larger entities, school management software surfaced to help schools manage all tasks efficiently and seamlessly in less time. Additionally, students perform better in schools that have academic management software deployed.

Almost every single task can be automated by school management ERP software. The software also helps develop a better relationship between stakeholders and improves students’ performance with additional support from teachers. Hence, the school ERP management system helps schools manage their operations and ensures a tech-enabled complete school.

Features of School Management Software:

Billing and invoicing





More benefits

Develop Better Partnership with Parents:

School ERP systems have become the best approach nowadays that ensures children’s success besides seamless school functioning. The school management system helps parents stay updated regarding their child’s attendance, homework, and performance. This further helps the parents to make efficient academic decisions for their children. Additionally, the software enables parents to access their children’s grades and work effectively in the areas that need improvement.

Enhance Students’ Learning Experience:

The software assists students to avail required information as and when required. The ERP system features also enable the school administration to add notes and assign homework to students. Additionally, the communication between students, parents, and teachers eases using the messaging portal.

Efficient Management of Courses:

ERP software helps schools to manage their curriculum efficiently. This software gives a roadmap to students and teachers to plan their academic calendar better.  Moreover, it becomes easy for students to manage their time effectively and perform better.

Seamless Management of Fees:

It is difficult for schools to manage and track each student’s fee, especially if the task is to be taken care of manually. School management software helps the school administration manage student fees, record fee discounts and late fees easily, and any error. Also, parents get notified about fee deposition and give them the option to deposit fees online, saving their time and energy.

Robust School Administration:

Schools can strengthen their administration process using the school ERP system. School administration can look at employee details as and when required and manage their attendance. The software helps schools to organise tasks efficiently and provides students with a fun learning environment.

School Management System solutions that offer advanced functionality:

Incorporated learning management systems or LMSs

Reporting and analytics capabilities

Parent portals to check students’ attendance and grades

Point-of-sale functionality for managing the cafeteria or other sales

Library management tools

Electronic health records tools for onsite nurses and clinics

Fundraising capabilities

Tools for the administrators to appraise teachers

School Management System: Important Key Considerations

Must integrate with other software:

Make sure that the school management system a school selects must easily integrate with other software. The schools must use spreadsheets, email, and accounting applications to avail the benefits of these systems.

Vendors’ market record:

Before investing in any school management software available in the market, schools must ensure that the product holds a good history and is worth spending every penny.

Customisation needs:

The system configuration is directly proportional to the size of a school. The buyers from large academic institutes must look for systems that provide high levels of customisation—as per the requirements, choosing systems allows the system to get configured and fit current processes and workflows efficiently.  

The best school management system is the one that takes care of the stakeholders’ needs and makes sure everything works in sync.

LEAD is transforming education in India by helping children become ready for the exam of life. To make yours a LEAD powered school: Partner with us today

Best School Management Software
Let’s now consider some popular student management software:

1. Edunext
Edunext is a robust student management system that comes with numerous features. For example, you can manage student information, payroll data, fees, attendance, and numerous other things.

All the student data can be accessed via an application which makes the job really easy. Also, the data is represented in an easy-to-understand manner. So, anyone can master using this tool.

The GUI is beautiful and easy to understand. Also, numerous features make student management pretty easy. What’s more, a mobile app for ease of access is available.

The ERP software is good, but the customer support team can only be reached via email.

2. Keep Schoolin
Another tool on our best student management software list is Keep Schoolin. Keep Schoolin, apart from being reliable student management, and it’s also a school management system. It allows you to manage exams, finance, student data, fee, attendance, etc.

Also, Keep Schoolin comes with an SMS facility. Using this facility, you can always keep the parents informed about their kid.

The instant SMS alert feature is quite useful. Also, the simple UI makes using the tool easy.

Compared to its alternatives that offer the same features, Keep Schoolin is a bit expensive.

3. Vidyalaya ERP
Next on our list of best student management software is Vidyalaya ERP. Vidyalaya ERP is a feature-loaded platform to manage student attendance, academics, exams, timetables, assignments, etc.

This tool also allows you to host virtual classes for remote learning. Furthermore, it comes with an application that makes tracking student info easy for teachers and kids.

This tool offers an overall solution for managing everything from student info to payroll management. It comes with a mobile app for iOS and Android, that’s another upside of Vidyalaya ERP.

Similar to the previous software, Vidyalaya ERP isn’t quite affordable.

4. Ireava
Ireava comes with over 25 modules that allow you to manage every aspect of your school, primarily students. You can streamline everything from exams, assignments to attend to fee management, finance, and accounts.

You can easily customize the tool according to your needs. There’s customized pricing (based on what you use) available too. Iraeva also has an Android mobile app available which further makes the management easy.

The tool offers good customization options. Also, the fact that it offers custom pricing makes it even better.

The application this tool comes with is only for Android and not for iOS. This might act as a limitation for users with iPhones.

5. Shiksha365Cloud
Shiskha365Cloud is a good contender in our best student management software list. This tool is robust and offers easy student management, including exams, courses, timetables, grades, remarks, etc. You can also use Shiskha365Cloud for Financial and HR management.

One of the best things is that you can enjoy a free demo for Shiskha365Cloud. This way, you can test the waters before paying anything.

It offers an application for Windows, Android, and iOS that allows a hawkeyed view of the student data. Also, Shiskha365Cloud is affordable and easy to integrate.

None as of now

So, which is the best school management software?
The answer largely depends on your own distinct needs and requirements. What type of features are you looking for? What’s your budget? What are you trying to achieve? So, when you’re looking for a school or student management software, focus on your own needs.

If you partner with LEAD though, you won’t need to care about finding one such school or student management software. It’s because LEAD offers a complete academic ERP solution that offers schools, teachers, and students a complete one-stop experience.

How LEAD is a gamechanger for schools and their functioning 

LEAD helps schools bring and manage all the necessary tasks in one place and establishes an excellent platform for them. Moreover, the system ensures success and prepares the schools to face any unexpected challenge with its hybrid model.

Sumeet Yashpal Mehta, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, LEAD, says, “Charles Darwin is rumoured to have said that it is not the smartest or most intelligent species that survive.” He also believes that online learning has become too mainstream and is leaving parents and school owners confused. 


LEAD at the outset promises continuity in education with its online, offline, and hybrid setting where education never suffers. LEAD takes care of every stakeholder’s needs and ensures them guaranteed results.

1. Customised timetable for schools

Every LEAD app has a timetable made for the students where the latter learns and reaps maximum benefits.

2. Live and recorded classes

In this new normal, having online recorded classes and live ones is one of the most pleasing aspects of online school.

3. Homework

The daily homework on the app keeps parents in the loop with their child’s development.

4. Doubt solving

Like offline school, the ‘Ask-A-Doubt’ feature on the app encourages children to ask doubts and resolve them quickly.

5. Revision

To grasp new information, it is significant for students to revise their notes regularly. With proper attention, quizzes, and constant revision, we ensure a child is well prepared before their exam.

6. Online Assessments

With revisions and doubt-solving sessions on the app, taking tests won’t be scary anymore.

7. Remedial

We believe in scheduling remedial, a session that logically breaks down every concept, making it easy to understand.

8. Reporting

The LEAD app allows a parent to see how the child fares in the respective subject and keep a tab on their development.

Social and emotional support

LEAD organises Social and Emotional Learning sessions (SEL) once every week. This benefits the children by managing their emotions, showing empathy, and setting and achieving goals.

Lastly, LEAD School ensures excellent learning that helps students develop into:

  • Capable adults
  • Responsible citizens
  • Good human beings

LEAD is transforming schools in India by helping children become ready for the exam of life. To make yours a LEAD powered school: Partner with us today.

About the author

Manasa is a Branding and Communication Manager at LEAD. She is an Asian College of Journalism alumnus and a former Teach for India Fellow. Manasa has also completed her MBA in marketing from Deakin University. She strongly believes that education has the power to shake the world and is excited to be a part of LEAD’s transformational journey.

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