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Transforming Education in India, One School at a Time

transforming education in india

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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

– Nelson Mandela

We, at LEAD School, are on an ambitious mission to assure excellent yet affordable education for children across the country. Everything that we do at our company is guided by this single-minded mission.

With our unique SaaS-based integrated solution that integrates and empowers every stakeholder in the system from school owners to principals, teachers, parents and students, we are today at the forefront of transforming school education in India.

Joining and empowering us in this vision are our investors who not only put their faith and trust behind this goal but have also provided us with their strategic guidance and their vision to bring large-scale impact in a diverse country like India, to bring this audacious dream to reality.

GSV Ventures, a global VC fund known for its focus on Edtech, leads the series D funding round of US $30 million along with our existing investor WestBridge Capital. This is GSV Venture’s first major investment in an India-based Edtech firm.

This funding round follows the Series C funding of US $28 million led by WestBridge Capital and Elevar Equity in August 2020 and the acquisition of student assessment startup QuizNext in December 2020.

We have grown at an unprecedented pace over the last 3 years despite the challenges posed by the pandemic since last year. The current round is our fourth round of institutional funding since we received the first investment, led by Elevar Equity in 2017, who continues to be a major shareholder.

We’ve identified the following focus areas for using the latest funding round to accelerate this growth story further:

  • Building a pan-India brand, 
  • Rollout of new product offerings, 
  • Strategic acquisitions and, 
  • Hiring top talent across domains


Building a pan-India consumer-facing brand

“Marketing team has its task cut out to position LEAD Powered Schools as the Number One choice for parents, to provide Excellent Education to their children, across the country. As a brand, we want to capture the imagination of over 100mn parents, who want to see their child succeed in the Examination of Life, but are limited by resources & geography. We aspire to become a brand that is synonymous with transformational school education in India.


Anupam Gurani, Chief Marketing Officer, LEAD School 

Building World-class Tech and Learning Product Offerings

“Lead School finds itself at a rare juncture of having robust expertise, a large base of schools and the financial wherewithal to make a sizable impact on Indian education. As an educator, this makes LEAD School a great place to work for me.”


Vipul Redey, Chief Excellence Officer, LEAD School

Building a leading Edtech brand synonymous with revolutionizing a large sector such as education is a tall order. And it can’t be achieved without world-class technology & learning products and solutions. We’ve achieved this phenomenal success and growth on the back of our unique Integrated Learning Management System for our partner schools. Continuing to build world-class tech solutions, innovative learning product & curriculum solutions, and further strengthening our existing offering, are going to be key focus areas for us and key drivers of our growth in the future.

Fueling Growth with Strategic Acquisitions/ Alliances

In December 2020, we did a strategic acquisition of QuizNext, a quiz-based revision app for CBSE and ICSE students. It extensively relies on fun game elements to keep students engaged in learning. It leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to understand a student’s efficiency index for scheduling quizzes week after week.

This strategic acquisition enabled us to launch an interesting feature on our Student & Parent App, namely “Practice with Friends”. Using this feature, students can revise their curriculum in a fun way or practice with their friends, from the comfort and safety of their homes. This proved to be quite a useful feature for students who were unable to personally interact with their teachers or with their friends for revision. This has become a powerful tool to keep our users (students) meaningfully engaged and active via our consumer-facing apps.

Encouraged by these results, we will be open to exploring more such strategic acquisitions and/or alliances in near future to both fast-track our business growth as well as to bring interesting features to our users.

Building and Nurturing a Family of LEADers – Attracting and Retaining Top Talent across Domains 

“LEAD sees its people as the key element in the fruition of our business ambitions. We are committed to making Lead a highly engaging, accepting and diverse workplace where people experience the freedom to realize their potential.”


Nirav Jagad, Chief Human Resources Officer, LEAD School

We strongly believe that an organization is only as good as its people. We’re committed to building and nurturing a family of LEADers in our company. Our human resources team is tirelessly working towards bringing in measures for the well-being of our employees and employee-friendly policies to not only attract top talent but also retain our people for longer durations.

We strive to build a world-class people culture where talented and hardworking people not only work together to drive business success but are also motivated towards achieving the company’s singular mission, larger than ourselves.

We’ve ambitious plans to build and nurture an indomitable team of global leaders and professionals who will join us to write the next phase of our story while we transform school education in India and work towards a brighter future for our next generation.

To know more about how you can join us on this mission, visit our website and careers page or connect with us today.

About the author

Ritu heads the Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing team at LEAD. She has a strong academic and professional background with a PGDM in Marketing and a super specialization in Brand Management from Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad (MICA) . She has extensive experience of working in various roles across many industries and organizations including large MNCs, public sector, leading startups and as an entrepreneur. She is an avid writer and sought-after public speaker on many topics of interest and a passionate trainer for all things marketing and business.

Ritu Jhajharia

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