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5 Effective Classroom Management Strategies

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Classroom Management is a term whose typical meaning is “The process of ensuring that classroom lessons run smoothly without disruptive behavior from students compromising the delivery of instruction.”

This definition seems very elegant. However, if you’re a teacher, you know that this definition is a theoretical one. Practical classroom management has much, much more to it. For example, classroom management includes establishing a positive environment where children can learn freely and achieve their maximum potential. This positive environment is essential not only for students but also for teachers so that they can deliver to the best of their abilities. Well-managed classrooms are also structured environments to a certain degree.

In this blog, we will discuss five classroom management strategies that can help transform your classrooms into a positive learning environment:

Focus On Building Relationships

Healthy student-teacher relationships are essential in establishing a positive, safe classroom environment. As a teacher, you should focus on knowing your students on a personal level. Take out time to learn about each student’s needs, interests, and strengths. When you invest in students as individuals, you build trust. Trust is critical to a successful classroom management strategy.

Greetings and Meetings in the Morning

A positive morning sets a positive tone for the rest of the day. When students greet each other and the teachers and are in turn greeted by them, they feel welcome and safe from the instant they arrive at school. This also fosters personal connections amongst students and also with teachers.

Another activity to foster strong relationships is to hold a morning meeting in the classroom. These meetings are critical in helping students transition from their home environment to the school environment. This also builds a strong community sense in the classroom community.

Clear Expectations

Setting and explaining clear expectations helps students understand the importance of the rules they follow in a classroom. As a teacher, you should take out time to convey a list of norms or rules to the students. You can involve your students in discussions about what the classroom should look, feel, and sound like. When students feel involved in creating the rules that govern them, they are invested in the classroom community they helped create.

Set Predictable Routines

As a teacher, you should take out a significant chunk of time in teaching classroom procedures. Also, you need to model and practice these procedures many times with the students. These procedures can be transitioning from one period to the next, lining up for assembly, sharpening pencils, movement to the washroom and back, getting a drink of water, etc. Establishing these predictable routines is a crucial part of classroom management as these routines form the framework for a smoothly running classroom.


To help students follow the rules and without disciplining or negativity, the best way is to give them constant reminders. Such reminders can be directed at the entire class or at individual students who need redirection. They can be verbal, visual, or physical. A simple example is having this printed on the restroom walls “Wash your hands after using the restroom”, or a simple reminder on the corridors “Please walk in a line”. These are examples of visual reminders. Examples of audio reminders are school bells, where different kinds of bells mean a different thing.

In summary, classroom management has a lot of practical aspects that must be taken care of to ensure that all classes in the school run smoothly with the students being involved to the fullest. Classroom management is the most important component of a safe and positive learning environment. It is also the cornerstone of a positive workplace for teachers in which they contribute to the best of their abilities. We hope that this blog helped you identify the points that you need to implement in your school to manage your classrooms better.

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