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Are online classes enough? Tips for running a 100% complete school

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Earlier, running a school with a few qualified teachers, administration people, a blackboard and a few textbooks was enough. The internet says, “A school is an educational institution designed to provide learning spaces and learning environments for the teaching of students under the direction of teachers.” But are these aspects enough to make a school 100% complete in the 21st– century?

Owing to the ongoing circumstances, the definition of a school or rather a complete school will see an overhaul. In a time when uncertainty lurks in the corner and student’s health and safety remain of utmost importance, a 100% school has to be the one that has the facility to take class inside the premises whenever possible or shift it online whenever necessary, of course, besides, extraordinary curriculum.

Online classes did bring a sigh of relief to parents and the school administration quelling the urgency of keeping the academic cycle for schools and children active amid ambiguity. But somehow the quality of education witnessed a setback.

In the quest to keep the schools running, many students are only becoming ‘literate’ but not smart. Online classes did bridge the gap but the groundwork remains extremely weak. A school is not complete unless it focusses on the holistic development of a kid.

A 100% school is the one where:

  1. Each student’s unique need is taken care of with the help of a tracker that keeps a tab on their performance and suggests solutions accordingly.
  2. Administrative tasks are seamlessly managed and details of children and students are available with a single click. There are no big stacks of paper that are confusing and time-consuming.
  3. The quality of the curriculum is world-class where the entire syllabus across all terms is assisted with audio-visuals, quizzes, learning activities, e-books, etc.
  4. Parents are always in the loop and are updated on their child’s performance with the help of real-time monitoring
  5. The mental health of students and teachers is ensured alike since online classes can be exhausting. A 100% school will have a system in place that will safeguard the interests of teachers and their students.

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Battling the crisis of quality education in the ongoing circumstances, ERP-Enabled schools surfaced as a 100% complete school where not only the administrative work is achieved to a T but through LMS (Learning Management System) quality learning is accomplished too. This hybrid model stood the test of time and seamlessly kept delivering education to children while ensuring other important school processes.

But is making every school 100% complete possible? Let’s look at how every school can be a 100% complete entity…

  • A school can empower every stakeholder involved in the journey of the kid such as Teachers, Parents, Principals, and School Owners by giving them separate apps.
  • A school can provide a customisable timetable for every class.
  • A school can provide elements such as Digital Learning Content, Physical Reader & Workbooks, Learning activities, E-books, Regular assessments & Practices quizzes, Personalised revisions, Home practice for making learning fun, and effective.
  • A school can provide world-class well-trained teachers for better engagement of students.
  • A school can provide the option of hybrid learning to facilitate education irrespective of any calamity.
How LEAD School meets the need of 21st-century kids and renders more than just ‘education’ 

Online classesIn a traditional system, students rely on books for their learning. But in the LEAD School system, students get to learn vis three modes of teaching.

  • Through videos and slides that teachers show from her teacher app
  • Through activities using material from the School Excellence Kit
  • And through books and workbooks, they get from LEAD School

LEAD’s online school operates on the 9-principle checklist which makes a school 100% complete making online classes smart and leaving the school administration and parents satisfied, teachers- happy and fulfilled, and students sharp and efficient.

  • Customised timetable for schools

Every LEAD School app has a timetable made for the students in a way that the latter learns and reaps maximum benefits. The schedule, which is specifically tailored for every school, helps students navigate through classes.

  • Live and recorded classes

In this new normal, having online recorded classes, along with the live ones, is one of the finest aspects of online school. If a child misses an important detail, this smart learning feature allows you to take a look at the session again.

  • Homework

The daily homework on the app keeps parents in the loop with their child’s development. The time otherwise spent in getting ready and travelling to and fro can be invested in doing homework and planning a schedule around it.

  • Doubt solving

Similar to offline school, the ‘Ask-A-Doubt’ feature on the app encourages children to ask doubts and get them resolved easily. This, along with revision sessions, ensures every concept is crystal clear in a student’s mind.

  • Revision

The LEAD School syllabus, or any for that matter, can’t be perfected overnight. To grasp new information, it is significant for students to revise their notes regularly. With proper attention, quizzes, and constant revision, we ensure a child is well prepared before their exam.

  • Online Assessments

The days and nights leading up to the exams can be nerve-wracking. However, with revisions and doubt-solving sessions on the app, taking tests won’t be scary anymore. Moreover, they can appear for these online assessments in the comfort of their house.

  • Remedial

Sometimes, it can be hard for a student to grasp a concept even after numerous revisions. On these occasions, we believe in scheduling remedial, a session that breaks down every concept logically making it easy to understand.

  • Reporting

After all the hard work which students put in, knowing their progress can bring parents joy. The LEAD School app allows a parent to see how the child fares in the respective subject and keep a tab on their development. With us, the journey is always onwards and upwards.

  • Social and emotional support

Support, chiefly emotional and mental, is important in these testing times. LEAD School organises Social and Emotional Learning sessions (SEL) once every week. This benefits the children by helping them manage their emotions, show empathy, and set and achieve goals. These objectives coupled with cultivating positive relationships promote the all-round development of a young mind.

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About the author

Manasa is a Branding and Communication Manager at LEAD. She is an Asian College of Journalism alumnus and a former Teach for India Fellow. Manasa has also completed her MBA in marketing from Deakin University. She strongly believes that education has the power to shake the world and is excited to be a part of LEAD’s transformational journey.

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