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Maintain, store, track and monitor data with School Information System. Click and Know

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The technological revolution has taken the world by storm, and the effects of this hi-tech and innovative technological rise are percolating to every sector of the world, be it news, finance, sports, science, or education. In India, the country was initially slow to embrace various technological features and facilities available, but the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic changed that and expedited the adoption of technology, especially in the education sector.
Since schools and colleges were forced to shut down physical operations and students had to attend classes from home, schools worldwide were forced to rely on the internet and telecommunication technology to conduct classes and examinations. Since the pandemic’s onset, schools have rapidly adopted many new technologies to keep pace and stay in sync with the changing times. One of those technologies is the School Information System.

What is a School Information System?

A School Information System is an application that stores, maintains, monitors, and tracks student information through a network of connected computers and other devices, such as tablets. The School Information System (Student Information System) is essential for schools nowadays because of the large number of enrolments and student activities that generate a lot of data.
Schools nowadays are not like the schools of yore with only academic classes throughout the year and examinations at the end. There is a wide range of activities such as quizzes, dramas, sports, yoga, reading clubs, various student clubs, extracurricular activities, and student assemblies that take place in schools. All these must be recorded and registered in the school’s database, which is done without any error by the Student Information System.
LEAD’s Student Information System reduces a school’s personnel cost since many tasks can be accomplished by technology instead of human beings. The LEAD’s Student Information System automatically reports errors in the database, so the administrators don’t have to keep checking the data manually.

How can we maintain data with a School Information System?

A Student Information System is the perfect tool for maintaining student data. It is online 24/7, and since it is always running and has no downtime, it can maintain student data round the clock. In addition, the database administrators can set certain preferences in the LEAD Student Information System settings to raise the appropriate flags or warnings whenever any errors are found in the student data.
LEAD’s Student Information System has programmed rigorous checks into the Student Information System to detect if a student has entered incorrect information. For example, it can detect any aberrations in student data, such as the Father’s name written differently in different forms or the address’ PIN code entered with 10 digits instead of 6. When it detects any such wrong information, it immediately warns the student, the teacher assigned to the student, and the database administrators so that they can locate the incorrect data and have the student correct it. Thus, automatic maintenance of the database takes place round the clock.

How can we store data with a School Information System?

Since student data is primarily textual information with a few images, it is very easy to store student data in a Student Information System. It can store massive amounts of student data, far more than the hundreds or thousands of students who typically study in Indian schools. Computers have the advantage over human beings regarding storage and memory since their ability to record, remember, and fetch information is far superior to human beings.

So a Student Information System can easily store information for millions of students, what to speak of a few thousand? All it has to do is write all the data the students enter into its database and store it in LEAD’s specially developed file format optimized for long rows and columns of student data. There are several mathematical and algorithmic functions that a database can be asked to run, and it can process the student data stored in its data banks accordingly.

How can we track data with a School Information System?

LEAD’s Student Information System can be configured to update the school staff whenever the students in its database change any information. So it will send a notification with an appropriate alert level whenever the student changes their information. So a Student Information System can easily track student information and raise appropriate warnings and notifications whenever changes occur in its data banks.

It can even keep a history of all the changes that have happened to a student’s account in the past, which can help understand how the student has progressed. For example, it can track how a student’s marks have improved or deteriorated over the last few semesters. After processing student data, the Student Information System can generate nice visual presentations such as histograms, graphs, charts, and images that clearly show the requested student data.

How can we monitor data with a School Information System?

LEAD-powered schools can easily monitor student data with LEAD’s Student Information System. The student data stored in the data banks will change over time as the students progress through semesters, submit more assignments, and take more examinations. So the Student Information System can be configured beforehand to run checks on the student data so that certain changes are detected as soon as the information is entered, instead of being found later when they are accidentally discovered. One good example of this is that if the teacher wants to know if a student’s marks in any subject’s semester examination decrease by more than 20% compared to the last semester, the Student Information System can raise an alert for that if the eventuality comes to pass in the case of any student. Since the Student Information System is always online, it can monitor student data constantly and raise warnings and alerts whenever any if-else checks become true, or any preconfigured conditions are met.

LEAD’s Student Information System is also built with the latest cybersecurity algorithms, so there is no possibility of student data being stolen, changed, or otherwise affected. Any hackers, crackers, or blackhat programmers will not be able to find access to the data stored on LEAD’s Student Information System. So it is a perfect monitoring tool.

Conclusion –

The above article shows how LEAD’s Student Information System helps schools maintain, store, track, and monitor student data effectively. It has been built with the latest database and cybersecurity technologies and is regularly upgraded and patched to provide the best-in-class services to LEAD-powered schools. So what are you waiting for? Get LEAD’s Student Information System for your school today by contacting +91 86828 33333 or [email protected] .

About the author

Joel Vas is the Regional Account Manager at LEAD. Along with procuring a masters degree from T. A. Pai Management Institute, he has 7 years of experience across BFSI, Travel and Edtech industries. At LEAD, he ensures every parent knows the information and product benefits involved for their child.

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