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Smart classes for school—guiding students to be independent problem solvers

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The ongoing pandemic has widened the learning crisis in developing nations. While countries deploy remote learning methods to conduct undisrupted learning, it is not the same as in-class learning and failed to build relevant knowledge, skills and values. Moreover, remote learning strategies alone do not always pay attention to how students learn.  Implementing effective online classes at scale might be hard but can be made easy using the right technology.

What do we know so far?

As soon as the sector plunged, schools globally shifted to online learning. However, a year of school closures has made the stakeholders realise that content supply is insufficient to generate learning outcomes. “While efforts are being made to align remote learning content with the curricula, gaps remain related to coverage and quality — in particular, presentation and structuring of content to guide daily learning; coherence of different learning resources and activities; coverage and instructional design of non-academic themes and transferable skills in remote learning programmes,” quotes UNICEF.

Implementing online learning when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its nascent stage could have been the right thing to do, but since these interruptions are here to stay, a structure that can withstand a crisis of massive magnitude—like the one the world is going through right now is needed. Right remote learning strategies are pertinent not just during the lockdown but post that too. Nurturing transferable skills should also be a part of remote learning curricula. In addition, schools must be cognizant of the forward plan for recovery of lost learning once the school reopens.

The way forward 

Compensating for lost learning that will happen at a large scale except for specific learners is on the radar for Indian schools. Smart classes for schools are the way out of the modern-day dilemma. Besides ensuring continuity of learning, smart classes enhance learning with quality and instil students with skills required to flourish in the future. It…

  • Encourages teamwork
  • Develop critical thinking skills among students
  • Make students self-reliant
  • Enhances digital literacy
  • Enhances students retention and engagement
  • Complex tasks can be accomplished easily
  • Motivates students to learn better with advanced learning resources

Smart classes for school paves the way for innovative learning that is much needed in the sector. The pandemic is an opportunity to rebuild better. Smart learning also enables an unconventional way of learning in schools that help children in the long run. Helping students help coding at an early stage aids them to think better and do things differently— they require logical thinking to break down problems into tiny fragments to fathom them comprehensively—an essential feature of computational thinking.

The World Economic Forum says, “Many education systems in developed and developing economies alike still rely heavily on passive forms of learning focused on direct instruction and memorisation, rather than interactive methods that promote the critical and individual thinking needed in today’s innovation-driven economy.”

It’s time to change the notion “quality is only for those who can afford to pay for learning outside of traditional public schools.” With a smart class for kids, learning can prevail outside the 4-walled classrooms for all students across the country. Students can learn via innovative mediums like coding that sets the foundation right for a thriving future.

How does LEAD help students learn via innovative learning?

LEAD promotes new-age learning and believes that nothing should stop students from realising their potential. Hence, LEAD across all its schools incorporate coding as a subject with the Coding & Computational Skills (CCS) program that enables students to learn the languages of machines from an early age. The CCS program applies the ‘USE, THINK, BUILD’ approach, world-class curriculum and accessible technology. This empowers students to make practical use of software programs that help them think and build websites, games, apps, and much more.

smart class for kids

LEAD’s smart class for kids allow consistency in teaching (online, offline, or hybrid) while maintaining the highest quality of learning and guaranteed outcomes. LEAD-powered schools work on Customised Timetables for schools, and Live and recorded classes, Doubt solving, Online Assessments, Remedial, Social and emotional support, Homework, Revision, Reporting, Digital Learning Content, Physical Reader & Workbooks, Learning activities, E-books, Regular assessments & Practices quizzes, Personalised revisions, Home practice, live classes, etc.

LEAD is transforming schools by making children future-ready. To make yours a LEAD Powered School: Partner with us today

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