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4 benefits of school attendance management system

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Student attendance and staff attendance are very important parts of the day-to-day functioning of any school. Yet conventionally, not a lot of importance is given to it. With the pandemic striking a lot of attention was drawn to this small yet significant aspect of school functioning and schools began rethinking how to drive attendance using technology integrated solutions. Now that schools have started reopening, the online systems will continue to remain due to how they have proved to revolutionize the functioning of schools.

Let’s take a look at the top 4 benefits of an integrated system for attendance management for schools:

1. Speed and accuracy

Remember the days when teachers used to spend 15-20 minutes just calling out the names of each and every student in the class to take their attendance. Well, it is undoubtedly not a thing of the past. Though many modern schools have digital attendance, the majority of schools don’t have that kind of system yet. Teachers still spend some part of their valuable time doing this manual task every day. With online attendance management systems, this time can be saved. Additionally, the data accuracy can be increased because there will be a minimal scope of error.

2. Report generation

Manual attendance systems do not allow for report generation. You cannot see any trends or patterns. For example, consider the current times when parents are skeptical about sending their children to schools. Wouldn’t it be better if you could a simple report on your phone about the daily attendance, class-wise in your school? It is certainly more efficient than requiring to go and ask all class teachers about their daily attendance status. School management systems provide handy reports can help you in better decision-making as a school owner or principal.

3. Improved punctuality

Integrated school management systems allow parents and teachers to keep a tab on student attendance. The teachers don’t have to open and check their registers to keep a tab on the daily attendance of students. Parents can also check it readily on dedicated sections or apps. When there is complete transparency and ready availability of attendance data of pupils, it will lead to increased punctuality of students. For example, certain schools have rules that attendance will not be counted if a student reaches school after, say 15 minutes after the bell rings. But how will a parent keep a tab on it? Through integrated attendance management, they can. If they see their child’s attendance reflecting poorly in the reports, they will take extra caution to improve the punctuality of their ward.

4. Improved coordination between all stakeholders

Integrated school management systems allow coordination between all stakeholders: parents, teachers, and school management. This is because all the data is readily available to everyone. Due to this transparency, everyone can intervene in their own way to achieve the end-objective: student welfare. In an offline mode, student attendance is something that becomes restricted to the big registers that the teachers use and that get stacked in some storage.

At LEAD Powered Schools, with our advanced school management system, schools can easily manage their daily administrative tasks including attendance management. They can easily switch between online, offline, and hybrid schooling without any delays or errors in data capture. Being an integrated system, it ensures that no inputs, grades, or data get missed or corrupted.

Besides this, teachers can easily maintain and access class-wise student lists, assessments, homework, submissions, and grades. They also have access to ready-made and excellent quality teaching resources, lesson plans and supplemental materials. This ensures teachers don’t have to tradeoff between teaching and administrative tasks. LEAD ensures teachers can fully focus on driving visible learning outcomes in their students.

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About the author

Joel Vas is the Regional Account Manager at LEAD. Along with procuring a masters degree from T. A. Pai Management Institute, he has 7 years of experience across BFSI, Travel and Edtech industries. At LEAD, he ensures every parent knows the information and product benefits involved for their child.

Joel Vas

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