LEAD’s Tribute to All Teachers

Teachers are the pillars of strength in every student’s life. Not only do they teach subject matter, but they also imbibe values in the young minds, thus contributing towards nation-building. The impact teachers have on students is beyond comprehension. A teacher’s expertise, affection, and guidance can determine how a student’s future is going to be. It’s no surprise that parents are keen on enrolling their students in schools with excellent teachers.

During the peak of COVID-19, nearly 1.6 billion learners, that is more than 90% of the world’s total enrolled student population was impacted due to school closures. Apart from the learners, over 63 million teachers were also equally affected. Teachers had to cope with adapting to a completely new mode of teaching, while tackling the already existing weaknesses and inequalities present in the education ecosystem.

Despite all the challenges, teachers have quickly adapted and upgraded themselves over the last two years to ensure their students don’t face any lag in education despite the pandemic constraints. In the crisis, most teachers showed outstanding leadership and innovation to ensure that no student was left behind. Around the world, they worked individually and together with various school stakeholders to find innovative techniques to ensure that learning never stops.

Even when teachers play such an essential role in education, their hard work and dedication do not get enough recognition in real life. As schools are reopening again, at LEAD, we have created our latest film to highlight the challenges they face and the efforts they take to ensure excellence in education for their students. It’s a small gesture from LEAD to throw some light into their hard lives.

As quoted by Anupam Gurani, the Chief Marketing Officer at LEAD, “Each one of us carries what we have been taught in school throughout the rest of our lives. We use what we have learned during our early impressionable years to influence society and shape the future. LEAD’s #OnlyTeachersCan campaign is an ode to the 9.7 million teachers that are nurturing generations of learners across India.”

The video resonated with a lot of people across India.

Here are some major newspapers that featured our video:

After watching this video, teachers felt proud of their profession, while many people fondly remembered their teachers.

We hope you enjoyed watching this video and if you think it resonates with you, feel free to share with others and especially with your teachers to express your gratitude towards their work.

At LEAD, teachers are an integral part of the schooling transformation process. We empower teachers with the required tools, skills and support to ensure they can rise upto their potential and deliver better learning outcomes for their students.

At LEAD Powered Schools, we help teachers become Super Teachers by:

25000+ teachers across LEAD Powered Schools, trust LEAD to help them excel in their profession. Hear what some of our teachers have to say about their experience with LEAD. Visit this page.

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About the author

Prajakta is an Assistant Manager in the Content Marketing team at LEAD. She is an IIT Kanpur alumnus and comes with extensive experience in the ed-tech industry. She believes education is the premise of progress, for an individual, for a family, and for society.

Prajakta Sakpal

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