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Making school complete with online school admission system

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The increasing number of students seeking admission in schools brings tremendous pressure on the administrative bodies to manage various processes smoothly. This got worse when everything shifted to a virtual platform, making it impossible for them to juggle between functions. Unprecedented uncertainty around the enrollment figures has upended how schools think about the admissions cycle.

As the tsunami of technology washes the sector, the school management has relatively got easier.

Everything got streamlined for the school owners from learning to management, and they no longer have to wait for a miracle to happen to resume their day-to-day operations or conduct hassle-free admissions. In fact, with the admission season just around the corner, school administration can skip the tedious process of going back and forth and can achieve error-free admissions with just a  click.

Even when the pandemic didn’t create havoc in everyone’s lives, the admission process was quite tedious, where multiple processes created chaos.

The use of technology and the availability of software allow educators to conduct the online school admission process without any hiccups.

McKinsey reports that education technology has become a lifeline for uninterrupted learning during the time of school closures. By adopting online platforms, schools can provide the facility to apply for admissions online. This will help parents to continue the education of their child by using the online school admission system.

The online school admission system is a web portal for all school pre and post-admission activities. The portal supports several modern technologies such as –online payment gateway, auto SMS, and auto email for a child’s admission application and confirmation of admission. Parents can access all these facilities without visiting the school, providing 100% complete school at home.

It is a wholly integrated multi-user system with complete protection against unauthorised access. It offers secured, accurate and timely information to users at all levels for faster decision making. Schools updating their management system with new technologies can deliver even in pandemic building trust of parents, thereby increasing admission rates.

Online admission system- A digital initiative to simplify the process

While many students will likely return to in-person learning when it is safe, others may still rely on virtual modes for the long term, raising the stakes on building a robust framework, not just stopgaps.

Technology is working at the forefront to ensure uninterrupted learning. Through its various facets- inside the class, departments, it makes sure the school function even in times of crisis.

One of the most vital aspects of school technology is the online school admission system, which is helpful during admission and remains of assistance throughout the academic year. Online school admission integrates technology with the administrative/education process and is beneficial for both the school and the students alike.

How LEAD’s online system makes a school 100% complete?

Online school admission systemLEAD has broken norms in the K-12 segment with its disruptive EdTech solution rooted in the deep understanding of school challenges. LEAD’s technology-intensive, integrated system is deployed to improve learning outcomes and better school performance. Gigantic administrative tasks such as admission, fee collection, keeping a record, etc., have become more accessible with LEAD.

LEAD helps schools bring and manage all the necessary tasks in one place and establishes an excellent platform for them. Moreover, the system ensures success and prepares the schools to face any unexpected challenge with its hybrid model.

LEAD at the outset promises continuity in education with its online, offline, and hybrid setting where education never suffers. LEAD takes care of every stakeholder’s needs and ensures them guaranteed results. It makes school 100% complete with the help of:

  • Customised timetable 
  • Live and recorded classes.
  • Homework
  • Doubt-solving sessions
  • Online assessments
  • Revision 
  • Remedial 
  • Social and emotional support 
  • Reporting

The new version of the School Owners app brings in some new exciting features:

  • Track class wise status in hybrid mode
  • Updated student performance, attendance and quiz completion reporting
  • Bug fixes
  • Performance optimisation

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