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LEAD’s innovative approach to quality education is fortified by the collective participation of parents, teachers, and students. LEAD-powered schools impart a high standard of learning to their students. Bringing technology to classrooms, both online and offline, we have been able to improve the performance and learning outcomes of our partner schools.

Our inclusive technology and integrated systems will enhance your school’s efficiency by streamlining numerous academic functions, including coordination with teachers and parents. LEAD has also designed dedicated Apps for parents and students, teachers, and school owners to assist them with the latest information, updates, and trackers.

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Curriculum and content

Curriculum and content

LEAD-powered schools have access to an advanced and thoughtfully curated curriculum. Our syllabus focuses on providing holistic knowledge to students rather than just rote learning. The curriculum in LEAD schools is based on NCERT/SCERT guidelines, with additional improvements through our DREAM approach.

With our DREAM philosophy, we:

  • Delete irrelevant concepts;
  • Resequence chapters;
  • Enhance the curriculum with further details;
  • Add important sub-concepts;
  • And Modify incorrect content.
Digital classrooms

Digital classrooms

In LEAD classrooms, teachers create an environment that enables two-way discussion rather than simply giving one-way lectures. Every classroom is equipped with a smart TV that can be connected to the tab designed specially for teachers. The tab comes fully loaded with lesson plans for each topic, audio-visual support material, worksheets, syllabus plans, and tips to make delivery more effective. We also provide continuous support, feedback, and training through webinars, workshops, and school visits.

Teacher training and resources

At LEAD, we understand that the quality of education is not determined just by an excellent curriculum or technological innovations—teachers play a vital role in the overall learning outcomes. That’s why we have designed an entire training and development module for teachers and school leaders. LEAD ensures that teachers are constantly motivated to impart quality education with development workshops, training webinars, and new-age resource sharing methods.

Online learning

Online learning

LEAD empowers its partner schools with one of the most innovative online learning modules. The LEAD Student App designed by our team of ed-tech experts is a one-stop learning tool for students of all ages. Its School@Home feature is child-friendly and ensures seamless education for students during and after school hours.

Here, students can easily access all their classes, submit assessments, and clarify doubts with just a few clicks. The app also provides detailed progress reports for parents to monitor the performance of their children.

Academic ERP

LEAD Nucleus, our academic Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, is one of India’s first Hybrid Mode Integrated Platforms that helps schools run seamlessly in just a few clicks. The advanced ERP system will help your school toggle between online, offline, and hybrid schooling without any hassle. Teachers can easily maintain and access class-wise student lists, attendance records, assessments, homework, prior submissions, and grades. The ERP uses the data to generate easy-to-analyse reports and trackers that you can use for academic planning.

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SS Bhullar

School Owner, Divine International School

The best part about LEAD’s unique curriculum is the ELGA classes. ELGA is English Language and General Awareness. For the first time ever, English is being taught to children based on their skill rather than as a mere subject. This has helped our students become confident English learners and are able to apply this strong foundation across other subjects too! I find this method very revolutionary and extremely effective.

Chetan Bansal

School Owner and Principal, Shemrock School

All the training for our teachers and staff happened very smoothly. The online sessions could have never happend without LEAD. Live classes and Ask doubts are excellent features on the learning App. 2020 was a very challenging year and thanks to LEAD we have been able to minimise learning loss. Attendance is always a problem and thanks to hybrid learning we have been able to provide high-quality, seamless education both online and offline.

Kanchan Sawant

Academic Coordinator, LEAD, Mangaon

Sharing knowledge with children and watching them grow is my passion and it fuels me to be a better teacher daily! LEAD has provided all the teachers in our school some amazing resources. I love the audio-visual resources available on the teacher tab. Can you believe, we have 100% attendance even during online classes. Every teacher attends trainings and workshops so that teaching and learning are equally enjoyable.

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