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Provide your school with the best ed-tech solutions

Integrate innovative tech-based learning solutions with your education practices and adapt to a world-class curriculum, all while helping your school grow. Stay up to date with international standards and help your students excel with superior English and coding skills. Connect with our LEAD experts to know more.

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  • 20 States
  • 400 Cities
  • 3,500 Schools
  • 25,000 Teachers
  • 14,00,000 Students
  • States
    20 States
  • Cities
    400 Cities
  • Schools
    3,500 Schools
  • Teachers
    25,000 Teachers
  • Students
    14,00,000 Students

Why should your school be Powered by LEAD?

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Deliver international standard education

LEAD-powered schools are equipped with internationally accepted learning standards, focusing on coding, English skills, and certified teaching techniques.

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Succeed with school marketing solutions

We offer end-to-end school marketing solutions both with PAN India brand marketing & localized marketing in your areas. Attract more parents and convert them to enroll their child at your school.

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Join India’s largest school network

Join hands with our network of over 3,500 schools in India to get national-level exposure. Network, learn and grow with the best in your business.

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Here's what LEAD can do for your school

LEAD offers 360o school academic and admission marketing solutions, boosting the growth of our partnering schools. We offer three different solutions for you to choose from.

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LEAD - School Academic & Admissions Marketing Solution

Grow your school with help from our experts with all your school academic and admissions marketing requirements.

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LEAD Altus - Exclusive Academic & School Marketing Solution for Premier Schools

Build higher order thinking skills for your students. Benefit from these exclusive & smart offerings carefully planned for your premium school.

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Managed Services - End-to-end Management for Your School Operations

Let our experts manage your school’s operations end-to-end, ensuring the accelerated growth that you have wanted all along.

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ENROL- India’s first School Admissions Marketing Product

ENROL makes getting higher school admissions easy for you. Our experts will do all the hard work using our dedicated admissions product.

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Transform your school with LEAD

LEAD aims to equip your school with modern technology and world-class academic solutions

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From unmatched English and coding learning to unrivalled school network and exposure, LEAD, as a company, constantly strives to provide complete ed-tech solutions for your school.

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The LEAD team consists of professional education innovators who help your school grow, providing academic, administrative, and admission solutions for your school.

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Why should your school partner with LEAD?

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LEAD MasterClass is designed to unleash our students' inner genius. The journey so far has been terrific!

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Children worldwide have had their education disrupted in 2020, and this year seems no different.

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LEAD Helps Small Town Students Score Big in CBSE Class 10 Exams - READ MORE


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What Successful School Owners Say About Us

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CR Mahesh

Chairman of Camford Group of School

In this LEAD Story, CR Mahesh of Camford Group of Schools confesses to having envisioned improved student learning in his school. Fulfilling this dream meant, straying away from old-school rote learning and incorporating modern techniques in classrooms.

SS Bhullar

School Owner, Divine International School

The best part about LEAD’s unique curriculum is the ELGA classes. ELGA is English Language and General Awareness. For the first time ever, English is being taught to children based on their skill rather than as a mere subject. This has helped our students become confident English learners and are able to apply this strong foundation across other subjects too! I find this method very revolutionary and extremely effective.

Chetan Bansal

School Owner and Principal, Shemrock School

All the training for our teachers and staff happened very smoothly. The online sessions could have never happend without LEAD. Live classes and Ask doubts are excellent features on the learning App. 2020 was a very challenging year and thanks to LEAD we have been able to minimise learning loss. Attendance is always a problem and thanks to hybrid learning we have been able to provide high-quality, seamless education both online and offline.

Sanjay Jadhav

School Owner, Academic Heights Public School

Initially we thought the pandemic would last only for 2-3 months but this wasn’t the case! LEAD however, helped us prepare for both online and offline classes. They arranged many webinars to guide us and train the teachers. Parents refused to pay fees during the lockdown but LEAD showed us a way and helped us recover more fees as well. They have been our academic and administrative partner for more than a year now and I cannot imagine running the school without LEAD’s support.

Sonia Thomas

Principal, LEAD School, Mangaon

I have worked in academics for over 20 years. I have always seen only traditional and rote learning. But after LEAD came in, students have started learning using a multimodal approach. There are so many interesting resources and tools that teachers can use to teach both online and offline. The online learning App is doing wonders and parents have become more involved in their child’s learning process.

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