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Our Mission

Empower India by making excellent education, accessible and affordable to every child.


We define excellence as education that empowers students to be capable adults, responsible citizens and empathetic human beings. This is captured by our education mantra: LEARN. THINK. DO. BE.

Robust Understanding of
  • English
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Science
  • Local Languages
  • Physical Education & Yoga
  • Performing & Visual Art
Ability to
  • Think deeply
  • Make connections
  • Appreciate multiple perspectives
Take action to make things happen
  • Create goals
  • Persist
  • Apply their learning
Be true to school values of
  • Integrity
  • Growth Mindset
  • Courage
  • Empathy
  • Impact


Delivering excellence across our pre-schools and schools comes from our 3 important pillars.



The most important aspect of a school system is WHAT students learn and HOW they learn.
Our curriculum is designed by a highly capable central curriculum design team. They benchmark learning plans internationally and nationally while keeping local needs in mind.
A big focus area is English. Our special program helps students speak and read independently in English and achieve levels similar to their urban counterparts.


Our LEAD school system is the engine that drives excellence. To maintain quality consistently across our schools, all teachers use tablets.
To give students independent practice, all students get access to self-learning modules on tablets or laptops.
To keep parents updated on their child’s progress, all parents get access to a parent app.
All decisions on student learning, progress and reporting are data based, powered by the LEAD school system.


We hire teachers locally and invest heavily in their mindsets, skills and knowledge.
To ensure every teacher who teaches at LEAD school is ready, teachers go through a rigorous orientation and training before they enter the classroom.
To ensure teachers are conversant with the subject and their knowledge and skills are upgraded regularly, every teacher goes through at least 15 days of training every year.
To check whether teachers are teaching as per the LEAD school standards and students are learning, our Cluster heads do weekly classroom observations and feedback
  • Sumeet Mehta

    Educator, Trainer and Teacher

    • Former CEO, Zee Learn Limited
    • Brand Manager, Procter & Gamble, Singapore
    • IIM Ahmedabad,
    • Future Of Learning, Harvard Graduate School of Education
    Sumeet Mehta
    Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

  • Smita Deorah

    Educator, Trainer and Teacher

    • Project Zero, Harvard Graduate School of Education
    • Being the Change, Finland Education Delegation
    • Former Associate Director, Procter & Gamble, Singapore
    • Chartered Accountant
    Smita Deorah
    Co-Founder. Chief Learning Officer

  • Srinivasan T

    Education Implementation and Leadership

    • Ex- Zee Learn
    • Ex- Castrol
    Srinivasan T

    Expansion, Excellence,

  • Siddharth Bhaskar

    Team Leader, Problem Solver

    • Project Manager Operations, Zee Learn Ltd.
    • Own schools, EuroKids International Ltd.
    • M.B.A. (Marketing), Pune University
    • B.Sc. Maths, Pune University
    Siddharth Bhaskar
    Head, Own Schools

    School Enrolments, Quality and Growth

  • Namita Goel

    Educator, Teacher, Trainer

    • MYP Science Teacher & Team Lead, Uplift Education, USA
    • Deputy Director, Education and Skills Development, CII
    • Fellow, Teach for India
    • LLB, MJP Rohilkhand University
    Namita Goel
    Curriculum Development Director

    Curriculum Design Process and Quality

  • Saravanan P

    Education Implementation, Marketing and Operations

    • B. Tech
    • M. Tech
    • MBA
    Saravanan P
    President, Partnerships

    Expansion, Excellence

  • Komal Ramchandani

    Educator, Learner, Curriculum Designer

    • Fellow, Teach For India
    • Account Planner, Google India
    • BAF, H.R. College of Commerce and Economics
    Komal Ramchandani
    Senior Curriculum Manager

    Development and Training

  • Ashma Gupta

    Teacher , Coach , Traveller

    • Program Manager , Teach For India
    • Assistant Program Manager , EQFI
    • Teach For India Fellow
    • Systems Engineer , Infosys
    Ashma Gupta
    Senior Academic Coordinator

    Student Impact, Operational Excellence, Team Leadership

  • Paridhi Sharma

    Passionate & Diligent Educator

    • School Leader, Mindseed
    • Teach For India Fellow
    • Software Engineer, iGATE
    • B.Tech, Rajasthan Technical University
    Paridhi Sharma
    Curriculum Manager

    Development and Training

  • Aatish Kshirsagar

    Teacher and Teacher Trainer

    • Principal Gurukul Dnyanpeeth School, Buldhana
    • CCE Coordinator MIT VGS, Pandharpur
    • M.Sc.(Math) ,M.Ed.
    Aatish Kshirsagar
    Head of School

    Student Impact, Operational Excellence, Enrolments

  • Minesh Shah

    Graphic Designer, Tech Expert, Photographer

    • MaAsk Graphic Design
    • Operations, La Ratne
    • Arena Animation
    Minesh Shah
    Curriculum Support & Design

    Technology, System Support, Graphic Design