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Best Classroom Management Strategies To Ensure Student Success

Classroom Management

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Classroom management strategies are essential for teachers looking to make a difference in the classroom. These strategies can help in keeping students focused, teach students how to manage their attention and work with others, and reduce behavioral issues and problems. In recent years, classroom management strategies have gained much attention from the stakeholders of educational institutions.

In this blog, we are giving you an overview of what are the basic pillars of classroom management strategies and how to practically implement them in the classroom.

Pillars of Classroom Management Strategies:

Student Independence

Flexible classrooms require a certain degree of independence in students. If teachers want to maximize time working with individuals and small groups, for example, they need the rest of the class to be able to work on their own.

Student-Teacher Relation

Teachers and students should develop a good relationship. This will increase the amount of in-class interaction between them and thus help drive maximum benefits for both teachers and students.

Relevance with Reality

Teachers must come up with real-life examples while teaching. For students learning becomes easy if it has real-life applications. Students connect to their curriculum in person.

Now, having understood the basic pillars, let’s take a look at some best classroom manage

Documenting Rules and Follow Through

Classroom rules should be established to maintain the decorum of the classroom. They should be clearly communicated so that every student understands the same and agrees with them. The rules may include the punctuality of the students, responsibility for the cleanliness of the classroom, conduct in the classroom, etc. A class monitor should be appointed to keep a record of the rules being followed. They should inform the teachers of the same, the teachers should in turn emphasize that the rules are in place.

Friendly Disposition and Encouraging Regularly

The students should be approached in a kind and humble way and should always be given positive comments which will encourage them. Students should be praised for their performance even if it’s a small win. Encouraging students regularly inspires students, raises their self-esteem, and encourages positive behavior. The parents should also be called to give an appreciation note to their child, which again will motivate the child to perform the best.

Fun and Engaging Environment

The students should be motivated by interactive classroom activities and practical investigations. This will help the students to concentrate as well as work hard. For example: organizing a fun group quiz contest where students strive to answer the questions and be the lead team.

The best classroom management strategies help students to learn in a healthy atmosphere. Such classrooms foster good behavior and cooperative participation, which leads to students learning life values and knowledge.

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About the author

Nitin Virmani is a Senior Manager of Growth Marketing at LEAD. As a mass communication graduate and IIM-R alumnus, he is a seasoned Digital Marketer. He has worked in EdTech, media & entertainment, automotive & hospitality industry. With his skillset in strategy and digital media planning, he is passionate about bringing scalable innovative solutions directly to customers.

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