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Invited to Parent Orientation at Your Child’s School: What to Expect

Everyone is aware of the importance of parents’ orientation in school. Such events help parents learn about their kid’s school, faculty, classroom, etc.

Still, several parents are reluctant about attending such events. Why? Because most parents aren’t aware of what to expect. And this kind of freaks them out.

However, parent orientation events aren’t scary at all. If you know a few things about such an event, you can help improve your kid’s overall education. What are those few things?

Well, this is what we’ll talk about in the blog.

What is parent orientation?

Parent orientations are similar to parent-teacher meetings. But these orientations are more detailed and focus on more than one aspect.

For example, a parent-teacher meeting is about the kid’s behavior and academics only. However, orientation events talk about the school, year-to-year goals, parent expectations, overall performance, faculty, services, etc.

Such events are usually held once a year when the new session begins. So, the importance of parents’ orientation in school is more than the importance of parent-teacher meetings in school.

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What to Expect at the Parent Orientation Event?

1. You May Get a Chance to Meet All the Teachers

At parent orientation, you may have the opportunity to meet all of your kid’s teachers.

The teachers will show you the classroom where your kid spends the day. They’ll also offer you insights into your kid’s performance, homework, assignments, and other activities.

Make sure to make the most of this opportunity. Ask about what special programs the school is planning. Or talk about how you can enhance your child’s overall development.

Also, ask for a point of contact in case you need to meet your kid. Furthermore, provide some extra phone numbers for the teacher to contact you in case of emergencies.

Pro Tip: Make sure to be brief with teachers. It’s because, during the parent orientation, teachers have to deal with all the parents.

So, it can be quite overwhelming for them. If you have something to talk about in detail, use parent-teacher meetings.

2. You May Have to Purchase Some Accessories for your Kid

Make sure to always bring some cash or cheques at parent orientation events. It’s because you may be asked to pay the fee or purchase uniforms, gym outfits, stationery items, etc.

Sometimes, the students set up workshops at such events. And showing some generosity never hurts. Also, the school might want you to pre-book some upcoming services for your kids.

So, although this may seem a bit unusual, it’s better to go prepared.

3. You May Get a Chance to Take a Tour of your Kid’s School

A school tour is often included in a parent orientation meeting. And this can benefit you if the school is new for you and your kid.

You can learn about drop-off and pick-up zones, bathrooms, admin’s office, nurse’s office, etc. Your kid may be assigned a school locker that you can inspect during the orientation meeting.

4. You May Be Asked for Feedback on the School/Teachers/Facilities

Teachers and the principal discuss a lot of important things at parent orientation events. For example, the school’s performance, major curriculum changes, the introduction of new technologies, etc.

During this time, parents may be asked to leave feedback for the school to improve. You can use this as an opportunity to voice your opinion.

For example, you can talk to the school management about the homework system or assignments or anything else that you don’t like

Pro Tip: Make sure to assess the facts and be polite while you leave feedback. This way, the school won’t find it offensive.

5. You May Have to Spend an Entire Day at School

Most of the time, parent orientation programs are brief. You may have to spend just one or maybe two hours of your day.

However, if the school adds more activities at this event, the duration can significantly increase. So, you should be prepared for everything.

Make sure to take a day off if the school organizes the event on a weekday. And if it’s the weekend, be ready to have a good time at school.

Pro Tip: You can always ask the school authorities about the expected duration for better planning.

6. You May Get a Chance to Enroll your Kid in Extracurricular Activities

You can expect school teams, clubs, and other organizations to be present at parent orientation. And if they’re present, make sure to learn about what opportunities they offer.

You can encourage your kid to participate or join a club or two. This way your kid will make new friends and may also develop some life skills.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to kids, parents think enrolling them in the best school is good enough. But that’s not how it is in the real world.

You need to indulge in every possible way you can in your kid’s education. And one good way is by attending parent orientation events regularly.

Not only your kid, but you’ll benefit from parent orientation too. After all, you can determine whether or not the school is offering the promised benefits. And this will benefit you both.

So, make sure to always attend parent-teacher meetings and parents orientation school events regularly.

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