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Student management systems help schools track the progress of their students

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In the last two years, many schools have rapidly moved towards online student management systems. If you are still wondering whether your school actually needs an online student management system, this blog is just for you.

Here we will discuss how a student management system will help you drive visible learning outcomes in your students by continuous tracking of the learning progress of your students.

1. Multiple data points for all students:

Assessments are a key marker to measure student learning outcomes. Typically, schools conduct three or four assessments in a year. In general, wherever an offline student management system is in place, it is practically impossible to conduct multiple assessments during the academic year. At best, there might be weekly quizzes or some form of similar assessment.

So how do modern online student management systems differ from their offline counterparts? Digital student management systems track students’ activity throughout the day, whenever the student is using the app. Most digital student management systems have some form of an integrated learning management system that provides all lessons, assignments, quizzes, examinations in one place. Gone are the days when schools maintained offline data for each student. Now with the help of a student management system, you can get the academic data of any student with the click of a mouse. It also allows teachers to see which student is weak in which area and plan remedial accordingly.

Some student management systems do not allow students to jump to the next concept till they score satisfactorily in the assessment of the current concept. This is especially hard to recreate in the offline mode. Students can get multiple question papers at the click of a button as the student management systems are linked to a huge repository of questions of every format. This kind of repetitive testing in each concept ensures effective student learning.

2. Regular parent involvement:

Report cards are not a new thing. However, in offline schools, parents may not engage with a report card as desired. Partly this is due to the low frequency at which report cards are presented and partly it is because of lack of actionable information. Actionable information means information about specific concepts in which the student is weak or needs improvement. This kind of information enables students and parents to pinpoint areas in which to put in the effort.

Online student management system makes such detailed personalized reports extremely easy to create. Students and parents are made aware of the exact topics in which a student is weak. In addition, teachers can accordingly plan remedies for such students and inform their parents about the same. This creates an active involvement of parents wherein they understand what is being done for their child at each instant. Typically, an online student management system presents student data with easy-to-understand graphics, and parents can see the progress of their children. This ensures that parents become meaningfully involved in their child’s learning process. With the use of a good student management system, parents are no longer passive spectators, rather they are more involved participants.

3. Easy to identify areas of improvement:

We have hinted at this in the earlier points, but we want to highlight this point in greater detail. In regular offline schools, there are only two ways to understand when and where a child is lagging behind. Either the children themselves ask doubts (which is rare) or when we can see how the child is performing in exams (by which time it is usually quite late to do any meaningful remedial work).

Usually, students are shy in asking doubts. In addition, with peer pressure playing the devil, many students curb their naturally inquisitive selves. When an online student management system is in place, teachers automatically come to know students’ weaknesses when period tests happen on the concept or the chapter. The teacher gets a detailed report of which concepts the child is getting wrong. Based on such reports, the teacher can decide to take remedial on particular concepts and invite only those students who are weak in that concept. Such targeted remedial can help students utilize their time better as they do not have to revise the whole chapter again.

Examination results are the culmination of a significant period of work. Remedials just before the examinations are usually too late to help the child. When an online student management system is in place, students are continuously made aware of their weaknesses and teachers work with them to remove such lacunae. The continuous assessment followed by identification of weaknesses with suitable remedial is the only way in which schools can ensure attainment of the desired learning outcomes for their students.

In India, schools predominantly follow the offline mode of school management. However, the pandemic lockdown has demonstrated the power of the online student management system. Online student management system is the future and every school should take measures to transition their schools from offline management modes to online ones.

At LEAD Powered Schools, teachers can track students’ progress as and when they want, and stakeholders have a centralized dashboard view at their fingertips anytime. This leaves teachers with more time for teaching students, and parents remain up to date with their child’s learning progress. All this helps increase productivity, efficiency, and saves time for the entire school staff.

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About the author

Sai Teja is the Team Lead for Inside Sales at LEAD. As a LEAD Consultant, he guides schools to run their operations seamlessly, implement best practices that make a school 100% Complete and ensure uninterrupted learning for every child. Sai comes with diversified experience in Retail, Recruitment & SaaS Industries. He has an MBA Degree in Marketing & International Business from IFIM Business School, Bangalore.

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