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6 reasons why children & their parents love LEAD Student & Parent App

The last memory of your child stepping into their school unmasked must be hazy, but the dawn of the Covid-19 pandemic remains vividly clear in our minds. One can’t forget the claws of apprehension and uncertainty attempting to get hold of us. While being left to sink or swim, with our sheer force of will, we chose the latter. Our efforts paid off… but with it came a certain (much-needed!) transformation. 

The digitization of classrooms was the transformation that our world needed. Like a superhero who saves civilians, it was online education that came to our rescue. The education sector, which had temporarily come to a standstill, once again began running smoothly.

LEAD too welcomed this change with its own integrated system. We needed this; every school, every child in India needed this. By jumping on the online schooling bandwagon, we encouraged our children and their parents to use the LEAD School Student & Parent App.

Easing out of offline schooling and using online methods seemed incomprehensible to many. But, the unique features on the app continually made this journey for students and parents an effortless one.

What was the objective of introducing the LEAD Student & Parent App?

We foresaw the decline in children’s academic performance, due to school closure. Intending to bridge this learning loss, we introduced LEAD School @Home. With a swift entry into households of kids from Affordable Private Schools, our app paved the way for 100% uninterrupted learning and constant student-teacher-parent engagement.

Students and teachers acclimatised themselves to this new approach. It challenged them to see a school beyond those old and traditional classroom walls. The various features of this app revolutionised the way we look at education. We moved them from rote learning to gamifying education with flashcards, quizzes, exciting daily facts and much more.

Like a guardian angel, the LEAD Student & Parent App supported students from partner schools effortlessly. With a responsibility that huge and expectation so high, LEAD experts ensured that this app didn’t falter. Our hard work paid off since even today over 2000 schools and 8,00,000 students across India receive lessons via this medium.

We tailored our app after stepping into the shoes of parents and students. For example, anticipating how remote studies could get dull, we developed flashcards and quizzes to spike students’ interest. Similarly, to keep parents engaged, there’s a comprehensive section having all the information they needed. As we continue to improve the user experience, here are key features that are a hit among our users. 

1. Both live and recorded classes

The app enables children to watch not only live classes daily but also ones that they might have missed. Below the ‘Attend your class’ option on the main ‘Learn’ dashboard, users can view day-to-day classes. Simultaneously, they can also explore the ‘Change date’ option to rewatch classes in order to revise.

2. Complete quizzes for a gamified learning experience

After attending their daily online classes, parents and students need to know how much the latter has grasped. What better way to test their knowledge than by making them take our quizzes? To motivate them a step further, children earn points on the Leaderboard on finishing classes and quizzes on time.

This demand to earn points and ascend higher on the Leaderboard has shown a positive influence on students of LEAD Powered Schools. It has revived students’ competitive spirit as they accomplish an allotted task well before its deadline.

3. Submit assignments

Children can assess their learning and submit homework easily via the LEAD Student & Parent App. Yet again, you have to use the ‘Learn’ dashboard which has the ‘Complete your homework’ option with that day’s homework mentioned beneath it. With this feature, our app becomes a one-stop solution to students without them having to wander haphazardly on multiple apps like YouTube, WhatsApp among others

4. Ask doubts

Before the school closure, it was easy for students to approach their teacher and resolve doubts. However, due to the pandemic, this interaction wasn’t possible anymore. Hence, our app has the ‘Ask Doubts’ feature that allows teachers and students to interact while quenching children’s thirst for curiosity.

The ‘Ask Doubts’ feature emboldens children to personally settle their queries from teachers. In case a student still doesn’t, the LEAD Student & Parent App sends subtle nudges urging them to confidently ask doubts.

5. Practice with Friends (PwF)

Did you know? According to the famous author John Kaufman, it takes 20 hours of practice to master a skill.

Excellent grades don’t come easy. It is practice, which indeed, makes a man perfect. This gave birth to the Practice with Friends (aka PwF) feature.

PwF, LEAD’s innovative and unique feature, endows students with quizzes, flashcards and daily challenges. Additionally, a child can either choose to practice alone or even with their friends. LEAD Student & Parent App notifies a child when a peer challenges them. To motivate kids further, we also have daily facts and success mantras of famous people.

This feature is crucial, as it helps children stay in touch with each other even from a distance while keeping the competitive spirit alive. When your child enters the PwF arena, studying becomes equivalent to having unconditional fun.

6. Easy tracking of attendance and progress reports for parents

When students invest their hard work and valuable time studying in the app, it is vital to show parents and students the result of the latter’s performance. Hence, we have the ‘Parents section’ specially dedicated to their guardians.

As the name suggests, this segment allows parents to check their child’s attendance and progress reports. We encourage them to understand where a child stands and how he/ she can grow.

Enable 100% uninterrupted learning for your child
The LEAD Student & Parent App is a step towards advancing student education with our integrated system. We also believe in empowering our parents and teachers by strengthening their relationship via the app. This innovation has proven to boost learning outcomes, bridge the gap and prepare each child for the exam of life. 

If you haven’t already, download the LEAD Student & Parent App. Hurry! Over 8,00,000 students are already enjoying its benefits!

LEAD is helping children become future-ready. To enrol your child in a LEAD powered school: Fill the admission form now

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