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10 ways parents can improve their child’s mental health during lockdown

The feeling of nostalgia has probably amplified after being in a lockdown for over a year. This word itself has been thrown around a great deal as we reminisce about our life before the pandemic began. With conditions still being unsafe for schools to physically reopen, children find themselves cooped at home. As online classes keep them occupied only temporarily, these nimble minds have an extensive reserve of energy with no way to utilise it. In times like this, children can be a handful to parents who have to run daily errands and manage their household.

For a child, it can be awfully frustrating having no one around to share toys. With a slim chance of sneaking out under the vigilant eye of adults, children’s mournful ‘sighs’ and ‘ughs’ reverberate across rooms in the house. Billions of parents bear witness to a similar situation. The uncertainty of the prevailing lockdown only makes it worse. Many adults don’t know the right way to comfort their kids. So, how do you encourage your child when a situation is beyond one’s control? How do you point them at the silver lining when you can barely see it yourself?

We empathise with your hard work and want to support you every step of the way. Here are some ways that can enhance your child’s mental health.


Positive environment: A house, to a child is like a haven to express themselves and thrive. When they are at home, parents ought to ensure children are protected from clashes between adults. Instil the habit of gratitude as it will promote taking nothing for granted. While at home, show them little things for which they should be grateful.


Exercise: Heaps of research have demonstrated the advantages of keeping children active daily. As outdoor playtime has reduced, physical exercise and yoga can be incorporated into their regular schedule.


Communication: Use this time to establish camaraderie with your child from early on. Encourage them to communicate with you and express themselves fearlessly. It is crucial both parties know each other’s positions.


Creativity: Get your child’s creative juices flowing by involving them in fun pursuits. For this purpose, LEAD had introduced the Summer Camp initiative to engage children in learning activities. Teach them art and craft, choreograph a dance together, learn a language or musical instrument.


Relaxation methods: Imbibing calmness in children during the nascent years can benefit them eventually. You can explain to them the power of mindful meditation, deep-breathing techniques and much more.


Patience: Parents are children’s first teachers. The way you carry yourself around them is going to be mirrored in their attitude. To teach the value of patience, take deep breaths each time you find yourself exasperated with children’s tantrums or other external factors.


Unconditional love: Reinforce your love for them each time they hit a rock bottom. Become less of a parent, more of an ally whom they can lean on unconditionally. Help them recognise their learnings out of every mistake.


External help: It is important, we relook at mental health. The taboo and stigma pertinent in our society have already silenced children who are in a dire need of help. If your child refuses to take help from you, do not hesitate to seek professional guidance.


Support system: One cannot deny the increase in screen time amidst the lockdown. To truly create a united front in the family, have time reserved for talking to each other without the intervention of devices.


Problem-solving skills: Roadblocks are a part of life. It is because of difficulties, we learn to acknowledge good times. Ingraining confidence and a positive attitude through challenges, help children overcome them. Give kids the independence to solve obstacles their way.

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