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Parents want online classes to continue. What can you do?

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Just when the world heaved a sigh of relief, a ‘highly infectious’ new virus strain has started novel mayhem and is said to be 70% more infectious than the previous one.

Not good news, to say the least. 

But there is a silver lining. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught the world to flex and evolve and to become resilient more than ever. Businesses around the world have devised ways to cope with the crisis. The education sector which was severely hit learnt its lessons and adopted a progressive and innovative learning approach to ensure undisrupted education.

Owing to the present circumstances, parents around the world are quite sceptical about sending their kids to schools. According to the survey, more than 75% of parents want their children to continue online classes instead of sending their children to school.

What does this mean for the education sector?

If distant learning is going to become the new norm, the education sector has to look out for concrete and sustainable ways to fight the crisis. Distance learning solutions have been deployed over the past few months across the globe, but how effective are they in reaching the world’s 1.5 billion students affected by school closures?

Inline-Images_21-Jan-01The answer is simple!

New-age crisis demands new-age solutions. To mitigate the effect of the crisis, schools have to deploy an online/offline strategy where learning doesn’t get interrupted despite any crisis.  There’s no denying that technology has the potential to improve the quality of education. With the internet, students and teachers have the freedom to use digital tools and platforms to continue learning, collaboration, and communication not just in the class but even during remote learning. The benefit of an integrated online-offline strategy is high student achievement without any loss in learning coverage or syllabus. In the absence of an integrated online-offline strategy, students will miss out on learning when the school is interrupted. Also, if there is online learning but it is not integrated with offline learning, students will struggle to see continuity and coherence in everything they are learning.

How is LEAD helping to solve this apprehension among parents?

LEAD is an integrated learning solution where students, parents, teachers & principals are on a single platform.

Teachers get enabled with the right tools to engage students and deliver quality education through the ‘Teacher App’ that has detailed lesson plans and audio-visual resources.

Students get quality content, access to content at home, unit-level monitoring, internationally benchmarked curriculum, theme-based, and learn by doing approach. 

School principals overview the learning progress of every student and performance of every teacher at the click of a button in real-time and make amends according to the requirement

School owners can monitor the learning of every student and the performance of every teacher. Owners can also stay in touch with the parents directly.

LEAD’s academic system, Nucleus- the LEAD School Academic System, gives an option of switching between the various school modes, such as online/offline/both. School administration can also decide on what days they want to teach the students, add new subjects, and allocate teachers. The administration can also connect the school’s YouTube channel to the nucleus to directly upload the learning material.

This ensures uninterrupted learning in every circumstance or crisis. 

LEAD is transforming schools while making children future-ready. To make yours a LEAD Partner School: Partner with us today

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