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Kids getting back to school? How can parents stay worry-free?

It was March 2020 when everything changed for the world and global economies. Students and teachers moved online as education was among the worst-hit sectors. The world empathised with them, and global leaders came forward for the support. But amidst this chaos, parents got sidelined, and their agony got overlooked. 

They were probably one of the most prominent warriors who managed the household work and their jobs and simultaneously helped their wards with the study. They became equal participator in their child’s academic life.

With schools getting reopened, parents are going back to their everyday lives. However, one worry that keeps bothering them is, “will my child get quality education” “will all his demands be met?”

Sending your kids back to school raises some pertinent questions, such as whether the school is “smart” enough to deal with the modern-day challenges and requirements of 21st-century kids? Parents want to be assured that their kids are getting the best of what’s available.


According to the World Economic Forum, eight critical characteristics in learning content and experiences have been identified to define high-quality learning in the Fourth Industrial Revolution—”Education 4.0″: Global citizenship skills; Innovation and creativity skills; Technology skills; Interpersonal skills; Personalised and self-paced learning; Accessible and inclusive learning; Problem-based and collaborative learning and Lifelong and student-driven learning.”

How LEAD is everything that you look for in a school?

In a traditional system, students rely on books for their learning. But in the LEAD system, students get to learn via three modes of teaching.

  • Through videos and slides that teachers show from her teacher app
  • Through activities, they do using material from the School Excellence Kit
  • And through books and workbooks, they get from LEAD

With LEAD, all classrooms get converted into smart classrooms through a smart tv and a teacher excellence kit. So instead of a few smart classrooms, you have every class enabled for visual learning.

LEAD also enables teachers with the right tools to engage students and deliver quality education through ‘Teacher App’ with detailed lesson plans and audio-visual resources. It empowers students with quality content, access to content at home, unit-level monitoring, internationally benchmarked curriculum, theme-based and learn-by-doing approach.

Distinct features of LEAD that make parents worry-free

LEAD helps school principals overview every student’s learning progress and every teacher’s performance at the click of a button in real-time and make amends according to the requirement. Realising the importance of the English language in the present world, LEAD aims to ‘normalise’ excellence in this language with the world-class ELGA programme. The well-researched comprehensive curriculum covers co-curricular and extra-curricular activities along with life skills. World-class pedagogy caters to every child’s specific academic needs, where remedial sessions are suggested based on the students’ different learning needs.

A school that will move beyond the conventional definition of ‘education’ will produce well-trained kids. Surviving in a fiercely competitive world is tough, and that’s why choosing a school that empowers a child with requisite skills and helps them outshine in the tough competition is crucial. Make a wise choice with LEAD!

The teachers at LEAD are equipped with seamless technology elevating their teaching standards and methods. A 40-minute day plan begins with ‘Teacher-led’ where the teachers explain the concepts to students through activity or a video, followed by group practice in small groups to practice the concept followed by the individual practice where students answer questions on the concept on their own.

LEAD is transforming education in India by helping children become ready for the exam of life. To enrol your child in a LEAD powered school: Fill the admission form now

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