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Parent Orientation about LEAD CURRICULUM

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Our world is like a QSR (Quick Service Restaurant); everything is just a click away. Our country is also developing at a rapid rate because of the huge talent pool developing in all corners of our country. Even when COVID-19 induced pandemic disrupted many families and their daily lives, they managed to thrive. It is all because of the strong foundation of our country. Along with potential, we had immense courage that helped our country emerge out of the hard times. Even today, in the peak period of the new virus, we stand tall, fighting hard to regain normalcy. That is how everyone in the whole world has molded themselves to live in the new normal.

My favorite Tamil quote: இதுவும் கடந்து போகும் means This too shall pass. This positive perspective starts from us.

The current generation of parents search for the best school but may often forget to check whether the best school has the best education and teachers. We at LEAD, India’s first School EdTech Unicorn believe that the best education comes from the best teachers who are all working hard to refine their students. At LEAD, we train teachers to become SUPER TEACHERS by offering them world-class training with a world-class digital environment. Thus, the teachers of any school who get training from LEAD can become SUPER TEACHERS. This in turn helps schools become the best schools in terms of the education quality they provide.

Many would wonder what is meant by best education, and how do LEAD Powered Schools provide it? Present scenario: Our children are sophisticated and habituated to the digital environment. If a student understands the concept effortlessly, they can practically apply it even if the questions are asked in a twisted way. We at LEAD Powered Schools provide education for students through a multi-modal curriculum approach that enables students to get good marks, as well as gain skills that are essential for their future.

Our curriculum is based on thorough research on the types of learners 

There are 3-types of learners: Auditory, Visual, and Kinesthetic learners.

Auditory learners learn from what they hear from their teachers in the class.

Visual learners learn through visual mode.

Kinesthetic learners are the ones who learn the best through physical activities rather than listening or watching. Conventional schooling systems are not very well adapted for these types of learners

Our internationally benchmarked curriculum caters to all three types of learners. Our partnered schools are provided with SCHOOL EXCELLENCE KITS that can be used in classrooms to aid learning of various subjects. For example, A cube to show the students what an actual cube looks like rather than asking them to imagine it from a 2D figure. All classrooms at LEAD Powered Schools are equipped with Smart TVs to show videos, pictures, etc., thus enabling the students to have a better understanding of the subjects. Lastly, our Super Teachers are equipped with a smart tab that has high-quality ready-made resources and lesson plans to enhance their teaching. We regularly conduct masterclasses, where we invite renowned personalities and experts from various fields to share their learning with our students. These masterclasses play a very crucial role in building the core values and skills of students.

We want millions of students studying at affordable private schools in India to benefit from our internationally benchmarked, multi-modal curriculum.  We conduct a parent orientation in every LEAD Partnered School to give details about LEAD’s curriculum and pedagogy. We assure parents that they are entrusting their kids in the good hands of Super Teachers and super management. We give details on how parents can monitor their kid’s education through features like a progress report, assessments, attendance, and many more using the LEAD Student App that can be downloaded either from the Google play store or Apple AppStore.

To sum up, 12 lakh+ students studying at LEAD Powered Schools are benefitting from our internationally benchmarked curriculum, smart classes (online & classroom). With our collaborative efforts, we can enable  150% growth in English skills through our ELGA (English Language and General Awareness) program and 70% mastery in other subjects.

3000+ schools across India are benefitting from LEAD’s innovative School EdTech solutions.Know More

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Parent Orientation about LEAD CURRICULUM

Our world is like a QSR (Quick Service Restaurant); everything is just a click away. Our country is also developing at a rapid rate because of the huge talent pool developing in all corners of our cou

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