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Can online learning replace the school classroom?

During the pandemic, school classes had come to a halt completely. To ensure that students do not miss out on learning, online school classes were introduced. Since then two years have passed and ever

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Best online learning apps and resources for kids

Today you can leverage technology to help your children or students learn new things in a fun, engaging, and highly effective manner. The fast-paced and easy-to-use technology has made it pretty easy

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How do online classroom apps enrich your classroom

Online learning has had significant growth over the years even before the COVID-19 pandemic happened. However, during the pandemic, there was an exponential growth in the use of online classroom apps.

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How does ERP Software work for an Educational Institute?

ERP software for schools takes care of various activities such as student data storage and management, attendance management, fee management, automated communications, learning management, and various

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Is it hard to learn computer programming?

Coding is trending today like never before. Kids as young as class 1 are learning how to code. Parents around the world are feeling nervous about whether or not to enroll their kids in programming cla

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Which ERP is best for school management | LEAD

The last two years have been a key turning point in the field of education. With millions of children lacking access to quality education, the next few years will be crucial from the point of view of

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