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Why Parent-Teacher Communication is Important?

Parent-teacher communication is more than just a process of helping improve your student’s or child’s grade. When a child’s parents and teachers communicate better,

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Classroom Management Techniques That Really Work

Watching a good teacher teach is like listening to a beautiful musical composition. Competent teachers engage the class so beautifully, guide their students through potential pitfalls so marvelously,

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Can a School Management System Improve Academic Success

Multiple COVID-19 lockdowns forced schools to operate online.  Everywhere in the world, the closing of schools led to major challenges to school administrations. Many schools started implementing a s

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How to Code for Beginners

Coding has become immensely popular in recent times. With the increased penetration of technology and easy availability of resources, now is an excellent time to start learning how to code for beginne

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Benefits of Homeschooling – LEAD

Homeschooling is a form of education carried out primarily at the child’s home using standard or open-source study materials. It is usually conducted by parents, though other tutors may also be invo

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10 Signs It’s Time to Switch your Child’s School

Watching a kid struggle in school is heart-wrenching for any parent. For your kid (s), the repercussions are physically and emotionally wearying. After all, you have spent a lot of time and effort inv

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