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Which teacher training course is best?

Teaching is not only a profession but also a passion. To be an efficient teacher, you must be passionate about not only imparting education but also learning and improving yourself. If you are plannin

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How to start teaching online from home

Post the COVID 19 pandemic, online teaching has caught on in a big way. In fact, for any kind of educational entity, be it schools, teachers, or tutors, an online presence is a new norm. In this blog,

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How to make your school future-ready

The COVID pandemic brought the deficiencies of the conventional schooling system into the stark spotlight. As schools open up, it is imperative that we take a hard look and truly make our schools futu

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Best android learning apps to increase your knowledge

The continuous development of the mobile internet and technology has made learning more accessible than ever. This can be especially seen in developing countries where high-quality learning was mostly

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