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Are smart schools possible in India

Evene kept hearing the phrase “Smart school” quite often. The importance of smart schools was well recognized all over even before the pandemic, it’s just that the implementation was limited to

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How to run an online school

Onliuct their classes in an online mode, either in a hybrid mode or entirely online. The reasons for making online schools may be varied. It might be due to lockdown situations or simply due to geogra

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How to create a blended learning program

Duriols were forced to move to online mode and explore various lecture delivery systems. Now as schools are opening up, the forward is not to abandon the online processes they developed altogether. In

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What are the benefits of online schooling | LEAD

Onli decades, online learning especially for school going children was considered a supplementary way of learning. Pandemic-induced lockdowns changed this perspective. Though a lot of people were relu

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What are the best coding classes for kids in India?

Whatllaboration between humans and machines, a way of instructing a machine to carry out a defined task. Coding is a subset of programming and is defined as the process of transforming the instruction

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What are the various competitive exams for class 7th?

Therlmost everything under the sun in the modern world. From getting the desired college admission to getting selected in an organization, examinations are everywhere. It, therefore, makes sense that

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